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The natural hair loss process of many animals and the means to cope with it.

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How long should I wait until I help my crested gecko shed?

I am a new crested gecko owner and this is his first shed with me. It seems like all of his shed is off other than on his toes, but it’s only been about 30 minutes since he shed the rest. I know how ...
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My Cat seems to be extremely itchy all the time

My cat seems to be extremely itchy all the time, even after we've applied her flea meds. She does get fleas if we don't apply the meds every 3 to 4 weeks, but even when we have she seems to be ...
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Captive Vine Snake not shedding correctly

(NOTE: This question is asked on behalf of a friend, who has a captive Vine Snake (, so "go see a vet" is not going to help here). A week ago ...
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