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first apartment ever need pet advice

I just need some advice or kind words! I am 19, and just moved into my very first apartment! After all the heavy lifting, I brought my cat into the apartment and I've kept him in my room. I just did ...
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My female 1 year old cat won't stop meowing at night [duplicate]

My female cat, Apollo, is a little over a year old, and at night she meows a lot. Some high-pitched and some lower-pitched. Sometimes she stares at the corner of my room and sometimes she meows while ...
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Will it harm our relationship with our dogs if we are away for three weeks?

My wife and I have two dogs, a 1-year-old female and a 2-year-old male. We are planning a road trip for July that will take three weeks. We would really like to bring the dogs with us, but the ...
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How do we help settle our dog into our new apartment?

My partner and I have a 1 year old kelpie border collie. She is an active and happy dog who receives immense amounts of love, affection and care. We take her out without fail every morning and ...
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What should I do if my dog fails a cycle of her separation training?

I'm training my dog to feel more independent when she's alone. I have her lie down on her bed in the bathroom, tell her to stay, and close the door. If she's lying down when I open the door, she gets ...
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How can I as a dogsitter care for separation anxiety?

I mind a gorgeous greyhound once or twice a week. Sweetest, gentlest dog ever but after a couple of hours, just becomes inconsolable - whining, howling, waiting by the door for his owner to come back. ...
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Old cat kicked out of bedroom for new kitten, cause of anxiety?

We just got a new kitten and have been keeping her in our bedroom. Now our older cat cries at the bedroom door wanting to get in. He’s anxious and pacing because there’s a closed door. But we can’t ...
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Is it possible to train a dog to not have separation anxiety right from when it's 8 weeks old?

Breeds being considered: Mini Aussie, Golden Retriever Apartment type: Studio (Meaning, there is a kitchen and 1 room and 1 bathroom) The ONLY thing that I'm concerned about having my own dog is that ...
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Bengal/Maine Coon kitten: crying loudly/repeatedly

I was recently given an 8-week old Bengal x Maine Coon mix kitten. Best guess is that the mix is 60% Bengal and 40% Maine Coon. The kitten was crying sharply/loudly/repeatedly from the minute I first ...
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Husky shows different behavior between households -- is this normal for the breed?

My brother has a 2 year old female Siberian husky, I've been babysitting her since she was 9 months old. She spends majority of her time with me, my kids and pets. He picks her up every other ...
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8 month old akita separation anxiety soiling on rug when away

I have an 8 month old male akita that has moderate separation anxiety. He is semi-house broken. He only soils inside when I'm away. I've recently been letting him roam my apartment when I'm gone only ...
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Clingy puppy with insane separation anxiety

I've read some posts on here related to this topic, but all of the tricks have already been used. TL;DR: My mum rescued an abused pup with head trauma. My mother has a rescue pup. He belonged to a ...
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How long of silence/calmness to reward when crate training (9 week old dachshund)?

Just a quick question about crate training. He quite likes his crate and being in it, but he doesn't like being separated with the door closed, which I know is normal. I'm trying to teach him that ...
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Six-year-old dog peeing/pooping when alone at home

I have a six-year-old greyhound who started to pee/poop upstairs when I'm not home, even for a short time after he has been taken out. He goes from 7:30pm to 7:30am without an accident and the door to ...
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Why can my cat not sleep anywhere else other than my mother's lap?

My cat has this strange behavior which I think is extremely rare among cats. Her favorite sleeping place is by burying deep inside my mother's lap. If my mother is not there, she sleeps either on my ...
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My dog builds a bed out of my pillows and other things off my bed when I'm out

When I go out without my dog, she takes my pillows and other things off my bed and places them around her dog bed in the living room. She has even removed doonas off the bed. She will take my dressing ...
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