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Spotted salamander hibernation interruption care

Today I saw my dogs playing with something in my yard. It turned out to be a very large spotted salamander (about 10-11 inches long). It was frozen solid, and I assumed it was either already dead, ...
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Distilled water for misting my tree frog enclosure

Is it ok to use distilled water to mist my treefrog enclosure, but give it water with minerals in it for the water Bowl?
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the basic care needed for a siren?

I have the opportunity to get a siren or two, but like always, I want to make sure that I'm prepared to care for them before I get them. I know they're very closely related to axolotls, with the ...
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Are axolotls and plecos compatible?

I found this question on an amphibians forum. The answers provided on there were contradictory and I was hoping we could do better here on Pets.SE. I have had my first axolotl for four months now. ...
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