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Questions tagged [rodents]

Catch-all tag for pet mice, rats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, skinny-pigs, and their rodent cousins. If the question is specific to a species, consider tagging it with the species.

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Non-lethal rodent deterrents that are safe and tolerable for cats

We are currently facing an issue with rodents, most likely mice or rats, having taken up residency in our flat roof. The space itself is inaccessible for us or our cats, so they can't take care of ...
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Baby gerbils dying while sleeping

This happened years ago, so no pictures. The story: We had a cage with a female gerbil and her babies. There was a coconut shell in the cage with about a fourth of it cut off,and all the the gerbils ...
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Rodents fighting, now one losing weight

Had Ronnie and Reggie for 2.5 years. I guess they were 5/ 6 months when I got them. Last two in a pet shop. Got told the whole yes we do this and that, well they would do anything to sell. Anyway, ...
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Should i get a new companion for my rat or? (Graphic)

So i got 3 bonded pet rats, over the past week, 2 of the three killed and ate the smallest rat, (i had thought he escaped for 4 days)(iv had them for 7 months) who had trouble putting on weight (fed ...
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Degus Ate Huge Amount of Cage Today

My girlfriend has two degus. They used to chew on the bars in their old enclosure, so she bought them a much larger one that they seemed content with. Today, when she got home after a long day of work/...
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Temporary, safe, outside cage for degus?

We have 3 degus at home. They seem to be happy with their cage, and are allowed to roam free once a day in a closed room, in which every plastic stuff has been removed. I'd like to find a way for our ...
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Why would my once tame mouse start biting

I just got a mouse about maybe 2 weeks ago. When I first got him he was a big sweetheart but he would constantly vibrate which worried me. Soon searching on Google why he was I never got a proper ...
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