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Questions tagged [reef-tank]

Refers to an aquarium primarily used for the housing of live corals and related material.

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1 answer

Would a new 500 L marine aquarium need to be cycled again if upgraded from 80 L nearly finished cycling?

I have a 500 L aquarium I would like to fill with saltwater and eventually fish. I have an 80 L tank starting to cycle now on the 3rd week, containing about 2 kg of live rock. I plan to partially ...
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Should I be concerned about my pH being slightly high?

My tank is extremely stable and has been running solidly with no problems for about 2 years now but I noticed that my pH has always seemed to be consistently high: All other readings are as the ...
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1 answer

How High Can I Raise My Lights?

I have a 110 gallon reef tank being lit by metal-hallides (2x250w) and blue 4 actinic T5s. My light schedule is T5's starting at sunrise for two hours, then MHs for 8 hours, then T5s for two. ...
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What plant is this?

I was dealing with a lengthy illness and wasn't caring for my tank besides the minimums, and this plant has overgrown everywhere in my salt water tank. It's a very green plant (not sure why the ...
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2 answers

All my fish in reef tank died

My husband and I had 4 fish and a shrimp, we had to travel for a week and came back to 3 white decomposed bodies of fish and one, I guess, leftovers of a body... Yet, the shrimp was still alive! Now ...
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3 answers

Nitrogen cycle for new fish tank

I recently bought a fish tank. I googled about basics for setting up a fish tank. Almost every webpages help me to understand how important the nitrogen cycle is for a healthy fish tank. So I decided ...
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3 answers

Should aquarium overflow maintain a certain level of water

I have a 55G aquarium that I am setting up for saltwater fish, probably clownfish. It includes a custom built-in overflow to the sump. The water level in the overflow is low. Is this to be expected or ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Best residential aquarium test kits for accuracy versus affordability

What are the the best testing strips out there for measuring pH, ammonia, nitrates, etc.? I would like to find something more accurate (currently I'm using API test kits with droppers in 5 mL). It ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to transfer established saltwater into a bigger tank?

I set up a 5.5 gallon (21 liters) tank and just purchased an 8 gallon (30 liters) tank. What's the easiest way to move the saltwater from the old tank into the new tank without ...
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Add Fish or Corals first in a mixed reef setup

I'm hoping there is more science to this than just opinion, because of reasons livestock can cause certain things like phosphates or alkalinity to rise and fall but... I would actually prefer some ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to remove the red algae in reef tank

We have had our reef tank for about a month and a couple of weeks. For the last two weeks we get red algae on our live sand; after we remove them, they reappear after less than two hours. Attached ...
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0 answers

Overflows on an established saltwater aquarium

So I have a 120 gallon saltwater aquarium with 4 1" bulkheads in back. There is a pair on either side of 4' long aquarium each pair have hold 10" apart. Right now I just have screens over the ...
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What remaining equipment do I need for a marine aquarium? [closed]

I want to convert my soft water aquarium into marin aquarium, but before I do that I want to make sure I have all the required equipments and few critical equipments in spare as well. I already have ...
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