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Conditioning a positive response from my dog to a roommate

My wife and I have a six-year-old German shepherd mix who is a beautiful sweetheart. But she is reactive to unknown men in "her" house. We are staying with my dad for the summer and she has ...
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Foster Agency Not Taking Back Dog

I have kept a ~50 lb Husky/GSD named George for several months now. He was originally kept by an animal hoarder with 50 other dogs. Although he was initially very timid, he became moderately reactive ...
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Can pickle juice hurt snakes?

I just caught a black rat snake and all I had was an old pickle jar with small amount of juice slightly left over at the bottom. But the snake appeared to have curl up completely hiding or playing ...
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Dog reactive seeing dogs on walks but fine meeting dogs indoors

I have a rescue dog (Luna) who's a wonderful and affectionate dog inside the house but very reactive to other dogs when we're out on walks If she catches wind of another dog (even at some distance) ...
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Suggestions for a leash reactive dog who reacts to random people

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping my dog get over her leash reactivity towards people? My newly adopted rescue dog gets triggered by dogs and people on walks. We've been working on this for ...
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