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A highly-intelligent species of domesticated rodents. Commonly Rattus Norvegicus (Norway Rat), but the Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) is becoming popular.

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Female rat suddenly having vaginal discharge

Clover is almost a year old now and she randomly gained weight and feels heavier, she also is getting a lot of mucus over her “lady parts”. I just recently adopted a male rat from a coworker so I don’...
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My pet rat bit his cage mate, what do I do?

Recently I got two rats from a lady who could no longer care for them. She had them for a week and I've now had them for two weeks. Today the youngest (2 months according to past owner) was climbing ...
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Is biodegradable cat litter safe to use in rat litter box?

I currently use bathing sand in my rats' litter box but I'd like to change it to something I can just flush down the toilet (it would be much more convenient). I tried using tissues but they just take ...
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Rat has been violently itching till it bleeds, what can I do?

Okay so I have a pet Rat named Hope and she seems to be violently itching herself on her sides and face. Its forming a row of individual scabs ling one side that I can see when I bathe on her back and ...
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My rat is drooling/has thick spit and it looks like blood. They are also heaving as if they are trying to vomit

I have a senior rat, about three years in age who just started spitting up/drooling blood like substance, though it looks pinkish, and he will occasionally heave as if he is trying to puke. He is also ...
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