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How much water should a nursing dog drink?

I've read that dogs need roughly an ounce of water per pound of body weight each day and that nursing dogs need more than that to produce milk. My pit bull terrier recently gave birth to a litter of 9 ...
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Can rabbits make babies when separated by a single wire cage wall?

I have heard several people say that their female rabbit got pregnant while physically separated from the buck by a wire cage. I have heard it from multiple people, over a span of years. In all cases ...
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Pregnant platy behavior

I have an orange platy and I suspect she is pregnant and switched her from the main 60 gallon to an old 20 gallon tank, but would eat until I put the the male platy with her. Is this normal? I wonder ...
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Nursing if pregnant again

If a cat becomes pregnant again after giving birth, will it affect some of the cats, and if so, is there a way I can help? To make a clear question out of it: What special needs do a cat have, which ...
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Guppy Fry High mortality rate

My guppy gave birth 4 times previously and each time I recorded the number of fry. The numbers of fry were: 13, 20, 8, 14. I actually witnessed the birth of the fry this time and noticed a lot of dead ...
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Why is my female cat over-licking lower abdominal raw?

Mini Moose, my female cat, is pregnant and is over-licking her lower abdominal area raw. Two years ago she had a stillborn baby. Her babies are alive in her, I can feel them moving around.
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