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One of the many suckermouthed armored catfish, typically from South or Central America. Several species are found in the pet trade, and because some of these eat algae as juveniles, are usually mis-characterized as "cleaner fish".

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What is the maximum size Plecostomus that can be kept in a 30 gallon tank?

We have a regular 30-gallon fish tank. We have two Plecostomus fish, and they are about 9 inches long. We feed them algae pellets regularly. They have been 9 inches long for years. We monitor the ...
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How to feed a Pleco in a community tank?

I got a Pleco to control brown algae in my community tank (3 female Bettas, 1 Pleco). At this point, the algae is largely controlled, which leaves another problem: I need to increase supplemental ...
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Why is my pleco growing extremely fast after being introduced to large tank?

Hi! I got my pleco when it was still quite small, and it quickly outgrew its 10-gallon tank (I know 10g is too small but I was on a budget) and I just now moved all my fish(pleco included) to a 36 ...
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Pleco has a burn! Help, please!

My common pleco, named Fossil, spent his whole day willingly stuck on the wall, with his back (just above the dorsal fin) touching the heater. When I put my net in the tank to nudge him away from the ...
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Why is my Pleco turning white, how to improve his health

A few days ago I got a Pleco and some cherry shrimp for my aquarium. Due to my being a complete idiot, the bag with the Pleco fell while I was acclimating the shrimp. In order to keep it alive I put ...
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Do plecos eat fish poop?

I'm wondering if plecos will eat the poop of other fish, specifically Molly fish. I've heard they eat algae growing on the aquarium walls but I don't know about what else their diet may include. I'm ...
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Best way to adjust fish tank water chemistry

I am a new fish owner with 4 tetras and 1 pleco. My tank is 10 gallon (37.8 liters) with an Aqueon QuietFlow LED 20 PRO Aquarium Power Filter The tank has been running for over 3 months and it gets a ...
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Ancistrus breeding in rock pile

Is it possible to get Ancistrus to breed in a rock pile or do you need those eye sore pipe caves everyone is using. I really don't want to taint my fish tank with one of those.
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Are axolotls and plecos compatible?

I found this question on an amphibians forum. The answers provided on there were contradictory and I was hoping we could do better here on Pets.SE. I have had my first axolotl for four months now. ...
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Can a bottom feeder (pleco) clean and or get nutrients from a fish tank filter?

So I have a 15 gallon fish tank at home with just a couple fish and a plecostomus bottom feeder which does a good job keeping the glass and things clean in there, but obviously I still need to replace ...
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