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Questions tagged [plants]

Generally questions and issues not regarding the plants themselves - but rather the concerns that could arise from our pets' interaction with the beforementioned plants, like for example a concern of poisoning. In essence, questions related to presence of plants in our pets' containment like a terrarium.

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Flourish Excel melting my hair grass and ludwigia

Folks, I got a nano-tank setup of 6 gallon (around 23 liters), in which I got: Tall Grass (Eleocharis Vivipara) Ludwigia Mini Dwarf Hair Grass (Eleocharis Acicularis) For the first 3 weeks I didn't ...
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Which houseplants are most toxic to cats?

Numerous ordinary house plants have been marked as toxic to cats. Then again trace amounts on the claws that it licks off is different from eating the plant like they sometime do to grass to obtain ...
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Why does my dog sniff plant's

My dog keeps sniffing plants in the night when I watch movies or YouTube, since I don't want to watch YouTube or Movies in the morning. Everytime I watch in the night, he keeps coming to my plants and ...
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Does mint plant affect guppies?

Can I try the step 1 and 2 posted here with a fish tank of guppies: Cutting a stem of mint; Placing mint stems in a glass of water fish tank containing guppies? Will guppies enjoy the mint plant? Is ...
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