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Do pigs eat mushrooms [closed]

I have seen television shows where people kept pigs as pets. In the game, super Mario, there are three characters you can choose from, these are Mario, Luigi, the Mushroom, and the Princess. I was ...
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Potbelly pig's front legs pull to chest and she screams in pain

Maggie is an 8 year old, 150 lbs (68 kg) potbelly pig. She is often unable to walk. She goes to move forward, but then her front legs go tight against her chest and she sits up, screaming. She looks ...
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How long and often should I walk my pig?

I have a 10 month old (mostly) American mini-pig/potbelly mix. We've been taking the little guy on walks about 4 days a week. We'll go out around the block and interact with some neighbors and let ...
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Sweater training my pig

I have a ~5mo (mostly) American mini-pig/potbelly mix. It's starting to get a little colder where I am, and already the little guy is getting hesitant to go outside (and shivering/running back in ...
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My pig doesn't like being pet

I have a ~5mo (mostly) American mini-pig/potbelly mix. The little guy loves to snuggle. We have a ramp up to our couch that he'll use whenever we're sitting up there. He'll come up, climb on our laps ...
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Can I take my mini-pig to the beach?

I have a young mini-pig (he'll be about 8 months old when we're thinking of doing this). We're looking at taking a vacation in the future that would give us a chance to take him for walks on the beach....
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How do I get a pig into a wagon/trailer?

My dad wanted me to help out on his farm every once in a while, and one of my jobs is to get the 2 pot belly pigs into out trailer. How on earth do I get these fat pigs into the trailer?
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Can tamed foxes and pigs live peacefully together?

So, my wife and I were planning on getting a kit (baby red fox), but my wife also wants a miniature pot-bellied pig. I had a pig when I was young, so I know how to care for it, but would it be safe ...
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Cows and pigs with osteoporosis?

What can be done to help a cow that had osteoporosis? Do pigs get osteoporosis as well? What can be done to help a pig with osteoporosis? Thanks.
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How do I stop my pig from pooping on the concrete?

I have an 11 month old julienne/pot belly mix (Ham Solo). He weighs about 21 pounds, and is probably fully grown. He gets along well with my 4 year old beagle/bulldog mix (General Grievous - see the ...
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Is it safe to feed bacon to a pet pig?

I'm simply curious, I have read that pigs make very good house pets and are delighted to eat just about anything Firstly, would a pig eat pork? If so, is it safe to feed a pig its own kind?
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What could cause muscle spasms in a litter of piglets?

While feeding a mother and her newborn litter of piglets this morning, I noticed that most of the piglets seemed to have persistent muscle spasms, specifically on their backends. They were pretty much ...
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Is it cruel to give pigs nose rings?

I am very interested in pigs, and recently I read that some farmers will give pigs nose rings to prevent them from rooting. This seems cruel considering that the nose is a pig's primary means of ...
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