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Questions about how the biological systems within a pet's body actually work.

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Can dogs *actually* kiss? Not lick, but kiss

Do dogs (or only specific breeds) have the physiology - both muscular and neural - to be able to to kiss? I don't mean contact of the lips or "kissing" that is actually licking - I meas ...
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Do cats shiver when they have a fever?

Just like us humans, do cats shiver or seek warmth when they have a fever? My 6-yo domestic short-haired cat likes to sit in our hot tropical sun for a long time and I’m worried she may get dehydrated ...
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Water chlorination too much for pup?

I asked a question about my pup regurgitating too much before but not much has improved since then. If anything, we just got better at limiting it and predicting when she would regurgitate. An ...
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Baby gerbils dying while sleeping

This happened years ago, so no pictures. The story: We had a cage with a female gerbil and her babies. There was a coconut shell in the cage with about a fourth of it cut off,and all the the gerbils ...
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Iontophoresis: does this method have any real scientific backing?

My dog has been administered procaine (called Novocain here in Ukraine) via iontophoresis as part of therapy for intervertebral disk disease, but I have serious doubts about this method. It was ...
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Why do dogs have black eye juice?

I always wondered; why are the bodily fluids, etc. that accumulate (and usually dry out) in the corners of a dogs (and cats too, I think) eyes black?; but in humans, it is not?
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Can cats see optical illusions the same way we can?

After seeing this gif I am curious to if cats can see optical illusions in the same way humans can. The image on the paper the cat is pouncing on appears as though it is moving to us. And things ...
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What research is there on the long term effects of pinch-induced behavioral inhibition conditioning on cats?

There have been studies using "clipnosis" a.k.a. pinch-induced behavioral inhibition (PIBI) as a technique to immobilize a variety of animals. The following study examines the use of such a technique ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Can rabbits fart?

It is an uncontested fact that rabbits are physically incapable of vomiting. Rabbit health is primarily dependent on digestion, moving large quantities of low-value food from one end to the other, ...
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What is the cause of bloat in rabbits?

There are a number of web sites and published works, with a lot of different and often contradictory causes for bloat in rabbits. Many seem to be reflecting opinions and best guesses. The few works I ...
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21 votes
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Do fish get bored, and if so, how can fish boredom be identified?

There are a lot of opinions on this topic, with a lot of different views. We know from Mythbusters that even goldfish have memories. Is there any reliable science on fish boredom? For common house ...
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12 votes
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Are non-dangerous spiders (to humans) dangerous to dogs?

I am fortunate to live an area were we have few spiders that have venom potent enough to be dangerous to humans, however, my yard seems to support a significant spider population of various species, ...
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