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For questions relating to pain in pets. Pain management and treatment or determining if a pet is in pain. Use with the species tag e.g. dogs and any other tags relevant to the condition.

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my cat is hurt what do I do? [duplicate]

My cats paw got stepped on and she refuses to walk on it, I spread her toes to make sure nothing was wrong but she start meowing/yelling so I stopped. She keeps trying to go around with three paws and ...
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My cat is in pain when eating and even from drinking

So for about 2 months we had noticed that my male cat would jump away from his bowl and act like something was stack in his teeth. We assumed at first that it was due to the dry kibbles he really like ...
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Senior cat has dental abscess

I have a 19-20 year old cat. Long story short, over the past week and a half it seems a dental issue arose and an abscess started to explode the past 2 days. Upon the vet's inspection today, he seemed ...
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Potbelly pig's front legs pull to chest and she screams in pain

Maggie is an 8 year old, 150 lbs (68 kg) potbelly pig. She is often unable to walk. She goes to move forward, but then her front legs go tight against her chest and she sits up, screaming. She looks ...
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Semi-feral cat broke a tooth. Should I give her aspirin?

There is a semi-feral cat that lives, by all indications happily, in my yard. I feed her mainly dry food and sometimes treats. Today I went to get the food bowl and there was blood on the rim and then ...
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My cat doesn't seem to be in pain, but I'm not really sure

My elderly mother has an elderly cat (technically mine) who is not so steady on her paws these days. She can get about, but walks with duck feet at the front and very stiff back legs - doesn't look ...
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Does Glucosamine Hydrochloride help painful dog joints?

We have a dog that has a pin in his hip from an accident. He is badly affected by the cold and it causes him pain in winter. I'm wondering if Glucosamine Hydrochloride will assist in helping his ...
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How can I remove adhesive bandaging from my dog without hurting her?

My dog recently had surgery and they covered the wound with a bandage that had an adhesive border around the wound site. We followed the instructions of the vet and when it came to removing the ...
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