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Often used for questions about keeping pets outdoors, also for questions regarding issues that are related to ours pets interacting with the world outside of our homes; also concerns and questions about doing physical activity with our pets in the fresh air outside. Use with the relevant species tag, such as `dog`

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Good collar tracker for my deaf cat

I have a deaf cat, 7 years old, and I've been trying to find a tracker for her collar but there's so many different options I don't know which type is best. As she's deaf she's an indoor cat and so ...
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What should/could I feed my outdoor rabbits in winter?

My rabbits live in Middle Europe outside in my garden the whole year. What should I regard in choosing their diet during winter? (Picture of my male exploring the big white play ground:)
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Is it safe to leave a Sheltie puppy with access to a doggy door?

I have to go to work during the day and I'm struggling to find a system that works well for making my Sheltie comfortable when I'm gone. I leave her in the house with plenty of food and water, check ...
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What is the legal framework regarding letting domestic cats out in Los Angeles, CA?

We are about to move from London (UK) to Los Angeles, CA, with our two cats and I was looking at information regarding domestic outdoor cats in LA. First of all, I appreciate that the American ...
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Hiking with a medium sized dog (German Spitz)

We are thinking of getting a German Spitz. Just want to double check that this breed will be able to get conditioned to long hikes 15-20km. Perhaps longer on vacations (30km+). Articles I found so far ...
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What color should I paint my barred owl house?

I built a barred owl house. I painted it with an exterior white oil primer initial coat to protect the wood. I live in the NorthEast. Do I need to camouflage paint it? Paint it brown like a tree ...
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Pet Door For Multiple Animals

We live in western Washington in the US (winter low temperatures are usually above freezing, rarely in the teens). I'm thinking about putting in a pet door for three animals: a largish cat (about 12 ...
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Can a blind and possibly deaf baby rabbit be caged outside?

We had to take in 7 wild baby bunnies, and we’re planning to release six of them and keeping the baby bunny that is missing both of its eyes. I guess that it was most likely born without them. Its ...
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Male cat suddenly aggressive towards female cat with whom he has been together for more than a year

I have 2 outdoor cats, A male and another female. Both were very friendly and have had a litter too around 4 months ago. They are together since more than a year. They were very playful and shared ...
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Why did all my goldfish suddenly die?

I have read this question, and this one, about goldfish/pond life suddenly dying. These situations are similar, but not identical to my own, and so I'm not sure whether this question is a duplicate. ...
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