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Use in questions related to aspects or problems of owning a new pet. Please use this tag together with a tag indicating what animal is the question being asked about and other tags classifying the essence of the question, such as [behavior], [fear], etc.

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Is this normal kitten behaviour?

I adopted a 11 week male from the shelter. I've never had a cat this young and some behaviour I'm not sure if it's normal for clumsy cats or there's something wrong. Every night he is suckling on my ...
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New kitten not eating, threw up twice

Just got 2 new kittens, and this is the first time I've had cats. One of the kittens isn't eating much and threw up twice (mostly spit than anything). Her poo was also a bit runny, but her brother ...
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New enviroment introduction for termites

How would I introduce termites that I capture to their new environment (a farm that I am building) without causing too much stress to them?
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How do I introduce my rat, Squishy, to (a) new rat(s)?

Squishy is my pet rat, he's a male. I got him and his brother Loki at Petco (a horrible environment for them, I saved them from becoming snake food.) I'm a new rat owner they are my first rats. I've ...
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How do I regain my budgies' trust after they have been suddenly forced into a new cage?

My family recently got five budgies, two males and three females. They get along fairly well, and were soon tame enough to eat from our hands. They would walk/fly around the room and come to our feet ...
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How can I get my cat comfortable around other cats after a traumatic fight?

This is my first post so I am sorry if this question is irritating to anyone. I tried to search up the answer to this but I just found posts about re-introducing cats who fought each other. My cat got ...
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What could cause lameness in the back legs of a young rabbit?

My friend has got (as a present for their children) 2 around 7-week-old male (?) rabbits 2 weeks ago (when they were 5 weeks old). Like I wrote in another question, she has got no information about ...
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Did my kitten have a seizure?

We just brought home a kitten an hour ago and everything seemed to be fine. As I was crawling over towards it, it stopped and looked scared and started to shake. Its eyes were focused forward, but at ...
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