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For questions about diseases of the hepatobiliary system in pets

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Changing blood values o female dog (ALT, ALKP) after infusion - liver cancer?

I have a dog that has not been eating well for a good two weeks. In the course of the treatment, it turned out that certain values in the dog's blood were elevated. These included alkaline phosphatase ...
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Diet for cat with higher liver enzymes

My cat is almost two years old, Persian and weight around 3.3 kg. After adopting her 6 months ago I noticed that she poops outside the litter box unintentionally (once I caught her trying to remove it/...
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8 votes
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Cat has acute episodes of extreme ALT levels. Vet and we are at a loss as there's no obvious toxin access, looking for weird or uncommon ideas

We've been to a pretty good vet. We know the symptoms, but we just can't figure out what might be going on, or a cause. The vet says its serious and possibly life threatening, but he's at a loss what ...
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