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Questions tagged [leashes]

The tool made out of a strap or cord for restraining, controlling, or guiding a pet (typically dogs, but can be used for most domesticated pets).

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13 votes
5 answers

Is overhead cable running leash suitable for all dogs?

I have been told that such a running leash is not recommended for pyrenean shepherd dog. The advice was, that if I want to let a dog of this breed out alone, I should build a fenced place for him to ...
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Best way to introduce a leash-reactive dog?

I have a border collie mix who is highly leash-reactive that I'd like to introduce to a friend's dog. When we are out on walks, we never introduce her to dogs because she goes into a complete frenzy ...
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My cat stops functioning when I put a harness on him. How can I get him more comfortable in it so that I can take him outside?

My cat really wants to get outside, he sits by the door meowing and has been chattering at all the birds outside as well. The problem is that I live in a heavily wooded area, and know that there are ...
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Do I have to stop using halter leash/gentle leader?

We bought a head halter/gentle leader leash for our two puppies in an attempt to stop them pulling so much on their leash during walks. The leashes are great because they mean I can actually walk ...
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6 votes
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What quick release lead options are available for use in poor weather conditions?

We've recently added a dog to our family and bought a cheap lead. It's been a pain to use over the last few months. On cold winter mornings, the lead was virtually impossible to clip back on; ...
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5 votes
4 answers

What is best escape proof harness / leash for a cat?

A cat lives in our house who is basically a full time indoor cat as that is the safest way to keep a cat. Problem is that this cat really really wants to go outside and really does well with short 100%...
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4 votes
3 answers

Are retractable leashes hazardous enough to prohibit use if used responsibly by the pet owner?

Are there any dangers that a user of retractable leashes should know about that don't involve misuse by the owner and/or can't be prevented by responsible owner use? I've heard plenty of horror ...
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How can I teach tricks to my carey cat?

My cat is about 3 months old, she learned "sit" in 3 attempts and to stand on the back paws in just 2. She follows me without a leash, so I think she could learn more tricks, but I dont really know ...
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Leashed Cat on Windowsill above fire escape

I have an indoor cat that I want to provide fun, interesting experiences for as I imagine my studio apartment is a bit small for a full grown cat. Since she's a kitten she's always sat by a window ...
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How to leash train a ferret?

I have three ferrets. I bought a small harness from Petco similar to this one But I've had no luck getting it on them. I've tried slipping it on while they're distracted (chewing something or ...
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Chew-resistant yet lightweight dog leash [closed]

My dog likes to grab her leash in her mouth and pull on it or just hold it. She doesn't really go at it like with a chew toy, but over time it abades and eventually gets weak enough to break. Annie ...
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Advice for Sturdy harness after Mixed Breed Large Dog broke previous in half

My Dog is a large mixed breed, currently at ~80 lbs. We originally had a MightyPaw harness which we used to secure him to a run (This is temporary until our fence is installed). He has broken both ...
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How to leave my dogs back home?

I love my dogs. But I am a bit inexperienced. I tend to over-humanize. I live on the countryside. We have a small plot. The dogs roam freely on it. We are most of the time around, although they ...
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Is it safer to put my dog in the front with the seatbelt and airbag detectors vs the hatchback?

I know front-passenger seats know when there's something on them, and even have indicator lights for this. I also know the forces at which they must deploy, and the design of the seatbelt harnesses ...
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