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Questions tagged [leashes]

The tool made out of a strap or cord for restraining, controlling, or guiding a pet (typically dogs, but can be used for most domesticated pets).

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How can I teach tricks to my carey cat?

My cat is about 3 months old, she learned "sit" in 3 attempts and to stand on the back paws in just 2. She follows me without a leash, so I think she could learn more tricks, but I dont really know ...
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1 vote
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Advice for Sturdy harness after Mixed Breed Large Dog broke previous in half

My Dog is a large mixed breed, currently at ~80 lbs. We originally had a MightyPaw harness which we used to secure him to a run (This is temporary until our fence is installed). He has broken both ...
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How to leave my dogs back home?

I love my dogs. But I am a bit inexperienced. I tend to over-humanize. I live on the countryside. We have a small plot. The dogs roam freely on it. We are most of the time around, although they ...
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