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Questions tagged [leash-training]

Training a pet to walk with a human, while constrained by a leash/lead, harness, collar, etc..

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How can I teach tricks to my carey cat?

My cat is about 3 months old, she learned "sit" in 3 attempts and to stand on the back paws in just 2. She follows me without a leash, so I think she could learn more tricks, but I dont really know ...
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2 votes
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Suggestions for a leash reactive dog who reacts to random people

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping my dog get over her leash reactivity towards people? My newly adopted rescue dog gets triggered by dogs and people on walks. We've been working on this for ...
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Why does my dog whine on walks?

Why does my dog whine while we go on walks? We walk almost everyday. As soon as we get the leash she starts whining and whines almost the whole walk. She will walk by my side and it's like she's ...
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