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Koi are domestic carp, that have been bred to be optically pleasing. They are related to goldfish but grow bigger.

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Are reports of extreme koi lifespan real -- do they really live over 200 years?

I know that one of the chief problems with verifying the claims of extreme age for anything is that humans do not live, for example in the case of koi, anywhere near 200 years. And even if they did, ...
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Do I have to take my Koi Fish out of my 30 Gallon Tank eventually?

I accidentally bought a Koi fish thinking it was just a normal goldfish. After about 4 years now, he has gotten bigger (mouth to tail ~ 7 inches long) and more aggressive in our 30 gallon aquarium. He ...
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Are Koi Safe in the Summer?

I currently have two young koi fish, and they need a bigger pond. My dad and I are planning on making one in our backyard, but it gets incredibly hot in the summer. Is this dangerous to the koi, and ...
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Do all koi have the potential to grow to 3 feet long?

I have seen many videos with koi that are 3 feet (around 90 cm) long. However, I also know that some koi from desired varieties are really expensive. If I am buying koi from Petco and Petsmart, does ...
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Had Koi for five winters this year they have all slowly died in a span of a week

My wife was at our local Country Garden where the women said we should remove the filter for the winter. I have left the filter running the last five winters and have never had a problem. But this ...
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I used too much tetra pond algae control, and now my koi are dying

I had 15 beautiful koi, all about 5 years old. They were very healthy, but the other day I put too much Tetra algae control in their outdoor pond, and now 2-3 of my koi are dying a day. If I put them ...
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My koi fishes are dying every day

It all started last week. My big koi started to spin out of control and died the same day. I went to the pond place and they gave me a parasite treatment bottle, with instructions to use it for 3 days....
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My koi has an odd scale that may be infected but I can't tell; how do I fix it?

I saw it this morning and started researching because I am dealing with an ich outbreak due to recent overcrowding. It hasn't changed or gotten worse but I don't know if it's infected or a disease. If ...
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Koi deaths after hail storm

I have had my pond for 8 years and have never had any problems until a hail storm a few days ago. I went out and found them all dead. I then googled it and think it was due to the change of ...
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Massive koi death in pond, without an apparent reason -- need help!

I am still experiencing unresolved problems. Shortly after 5/1/2018, I lost all of my koi due to a huge ammonia spike above 8.0ppm. I did multiple water changes to no avail, including a 100% water ...
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My koi fish ate a piece of gum

I have a koi fish pond with about 14 to 15 inch (around 37 cm) koi. The neighborhood kid threw a piece of gum in the pond and one of my koi ate it; how harmful is this?
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Koi fish sick and lethargic

I have a very large (8 feet by 12 feet by 6 feet deep) koi fish pond with a waterfall and extensive filtration system I inherited with the house. In it is a very large and older koi (18 inches long ...
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My Koi is acting skittish suddenly, and found injuries

I've been keeping 2 young koi in an aquarium for a year now. They've grown bigger and accustom to me. Their tank is about 55-60 gallons, and I live in the northeast. They were from the same shop and ...
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Koi fish injury from a Blue Heron

My Koi fish was attacked by a Blue Heron about 2 months ago. I chased the Heron off and it dropped the fish. I put the fish back in the pond but it had a couple of puncture wounds. It is still alive, ...
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Why did my koi pond fish die?

My family got 3 pond fish which were koi. I realized one fish was getting bigger/swollen looking. After a few months he was getting really swollen or big and during the month he stopped eating. I was ...
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Does this koi carp injury need attention, and how would I treat it?

We have a large koi carp (I would approximate 50cm long) that has an injury to its head — a gash which has left a triangular flap of flesh about 4cm wide. There is no sign of blood, and the inside of ...
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Would an alligator decoy work to deter herons in a state where alligators don't live?

I've heard that placing an alligator decoy in a pond will deter herons from visiting stopping by to eat all the expensive koi that live in it. This made me curious, because I live in a northern state ...
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Will feeding other fish in the same pond have an impact on my koi in winter?

There are two sturgeons in the pond which need to be fed during winter. As far as I know koi don't need food during frost periods and only a small amount when the pond isn't frozen. I kept feeding ...
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