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Questions tagged [junior-pets]

Addresses specific needs of younger / newborn pet companions, and ways to improve their overall well-being and health.

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Is this normal kitten behaviour?

I adopted a 11 week male from the shelter. I've never had a cat this young and some behaviour I'm not sure if it's normal for clumsy cats or there's something wrong. Every night he is suckling on my ...
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New kitten not eating, threw up twice

Just got 2 new kittens, and this is the first time I've had cats. One of the kittens isn't eating much and threw up twice (mostly spit than anything). Her poo was also a bit runny, but her brother ...
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Kitten's voice & growth rate

I have a kitten who meows silently, but purrs perfectly well. She is also growing at a slower rate than other kittens born around the same time. She seems perfectly healthy & quite frankly very ...
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Guidance Needed to Prevent Corgi Puppies from Barking At night while outside

We have twin boy Corgi puppies born in February this year. We have tried sleeping them outside but they bark incessantly - at cars passing by our house, at cats in our yard or adjoining yards, at ...
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