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Pet Insurance: with no pedigree for a street-rescued cat, is it necessary to disclose suspected but unconfirmed breed?

If one has a cat they're pretty sure is a Manx - he has a short tail - but rescued him from the side of the road, is it necessary to when signing him up for pet insurance to tell them the breed he ...
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Pet insurance on death of owner

My uncle passed away a couple of days ago and I have been asked to adopt his beagle. The dog has likely a couple of health conditions due to neglect, my uncle was a depressed man for a lot of his life ...
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Can I guess on information requested by pet insurance forms?

I've recently adopted a found cat. Looking into pet insurance many forms ask for unknown information; e.g. date of birth. Is it ok to guess such information, should we contact those companies to ...
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What should I consider when deciding to purchase pet insurance?

What factors should I consider when deciding whether to purchase pet insurance?
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