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Questions tagged [instinct]

The natural subconscious reactions and tendencies of animal species.

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Can my neighbour's bees attack my bees

I want to get into apiculture, but my neighbour has bees. I read somewhere that his bees might attack my bees or my bees migrating to my neighbour's hives. How to avoid this?
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Did "Rough Collie" dogs (and maybe other dogs?) actually guard the farm when all the humans were away?

The rough collie's long coat has made the breed successful on northern Midwest farms as an able herder and guardian of the farm during the winter. The dog needs to be gradually acclimated to the cold ...
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Why does my hamster freeze?

I've had several hamsters and was wondering why they do a certain behavior. Sometimes my hamster will suddenly stop whatever it is doing and stay completely still until I move around or say something. ...
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Aggression or reflex? Dog that "nibbles"

I have a very energetic pup that uses his mouth a lot. He is a sweet and very good-natured pup, just very enthusiastic, rambunctious and playful. He does know "settle" and does it beautifully (for a ...
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Will my runaway cat come out when he gets hungry enough

I moved apartments with my 2 year old cat. And after 3 days he got outdoors and went exploring. And suddenly disappeared. I've searched and called up and down the streets, put flyers, contacted local ...
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Can cats release faeces from getting scared?

Yesterday, I was taking care of the trash. I took out the regular black trash bag and opened it through swinging it around (I hope you get what I mean). I was in the kitchen, which is right next to ...
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Dog goes after neighbors' chickens

About a year and a half ago i rescued a female puppy from a shelter. Everything is just fine, she loves to run, dig in the backyard, sleep in the sofa, anything simply amuses her. Once i have a big ...
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Does a cat behave like a dog if it is adopted with puppies when it is a kitten?

As we know, the character of cats and dogs are different, for example, dogs usually follow their owners but cats usually not. But if a kitten is adopted with a group of puppies and grow up together, ...
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How can I get my herding dog to not bark and chase after skateboarders, bikers, and runners?

I have a mutt that has begun to exhibit strong herding instincts. I would like to be comfortable walking him off-leash. However he is very aggressive towards skateboarders that roll by. He is less ...
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Can I release my pet rabbit in the wild?

I am aware the issues surrounding feral cats and I would never consider turning a dog loose to fend for it's self. But rabbits are not predators so would seem unlikely to have a negative impact on ...
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Why does my cat walk away (and expect me to follow) while I stroke her?

Is this an instinctual habit? If so, would it be safe not to follow it? I wouldn't want to get its instincts messed up or anything.
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