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A class of physically small but highly diverse arthropods; one of the most numerous groups of animals on the planet, though not often kept as pets. Questions might deal with those that are, such as mantids or hissing cockroachs; or with species that are kept as feeders for other pets. Note that this tag does not apply to spiders, centipedes, or other non-insect 'bugs'.

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Building a Termite Farm

So me and my friend have decided to make a termite farm and with me and him both being in high school, we don't really know the best materials for it. We have looked it up and have only found a small ...
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Can a praying mantis ootheca die of humidity?

Some time ago, I found a New Zealand praying mantis laying an egg and the next day I collected the egg and hung it from a branch. I sprayed the container I put it in with water every day and now I'm ...
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New enviroment introduction for termites

How would I introduce termites that I capture to their new environment (a farm that I am building) without causing too much stress to them?
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Small gnats in roach colony

I have a small Dubai roach colony for my three bearded dragons. I have small little gnat-like bugs that will flock to the colony every week or so. It's not so bad as to affect the colony or the house ...
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Arthropods That Bond

I like arthropods a lot and enjoy keeping them, but most seem to be indifferent to humans or hate them, so are their any species of pet arthropods that enjoy interacting with humans and will bond with ...
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My mantis won't eat

I've had my mantis for 4 days now it hasn't eaten in those 4 days, last night and today it's started hanging on the top of it's terrarium and it hasn't been moving much. Is it dying or molting or ...
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1 answer

Is an Australian Wolf Spider bite dangerous, particularly to small dogs?

In my backyard I have started to discover more and more, what appears to be "Wolf Spiders" - I know there are many many species of these, so for reference, my location is Western Australia. ...
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How to create an antnest outworld

I'm an antkeeper and was wondering if someone knows how to go about doing a proper antnest outworld. I did make some outworlds with sand to prevent my colony from digging to deep, but I was wondering ...
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Is cholla wood safe for a bug terrarium?

Specifically, is cholla wood safe for a lidded terrarium that will house springtails? I'm not going to put any vertebrates in there, just springtails and maybe isopods later on. I know cholla is ...
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