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The causes, symptoms and treatments of pet infections. Provide as much details as possible such as fever, sores, any relevant pictures and a history leading up to the infection. Include the species tag, such as `dog`

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White patches/spots on my betta

There are white patch/spot-like marks on my betta fish's gill and body, which were not there when I bought him from the store. He is his usual active self and is eating properly. The spots seemed to ...
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Any internal medicine to get rid of maggots in dogs?

There's a 6 month puppy in my area and he's been infected with maggots in his right rear leg. He's too scared of humans so i cant go near him and apply any ointment or spray. So is there any internal ...
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Can rabies virus survive outside host on grass or leaves under sunlight?

Can the rabies virus survive outside the host animal? Like if a rabid animal drools on grass, can it still remain infectious?
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Can a dog contract a sexually transmitted infection?

My friend has a dog that has mated with so many female dogs. I've been a little worried about this dog lately because he is becoming more promiscuous. Are there dog sexually transmitted infections (...
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Can my rabbit get fleas from a cat or dog?

We don't treat our rabbits for fleas in the winter because we don't take them out in the winter. Sometimes in the winter we will take them to the pet store or other locations where cats and dogs are ...
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Can dogs be infected by the brain-eating amoeba?

In October 2013, Naegleria fowleri (a.k.a. "the brain-eating amoeba"), was confirmed to be found in the Louisiana public drinking water systems. I live in the southern US and am concerned, as I have ...
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How to clean (disinfect) my dog everyday after walk?

To give you some perspective, my dog and I go for a walk, every morning (~ 45 min) and evening (~ 30 min). We don't have any grounds nearby (only fields (1)) which means I have to walk him on streets ...
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