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Used for questions on pets hunting other creatures. A pets urge to hunt is an instinct of most predatory animals.

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Cat biting new cat

My resident male cat is 9 months old and was separated from his brother around 10 weeks. Since then he hasn't been around other cats. My new cat is female and 10 months old. She has been around other ...
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Ok to let cat watch videos of birds?

My cat loves chirping at birds. Moved recently to where there's fewer birds to chirp at through window. He seems to like (or at least be entertained by) watching videos of birds on my computer. Is ...
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How do some cats become friends with potential prey (like mice, or birds)

I see videos from time to time about cats befriending animals they would normally hunt. Like a mouse, or a bird. For the life of me I can't figure out how a cat would overcome their instincts to ever ...
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How can i get my adult hound dog to come when called?

Ive got a bluetick coon hound, about 3.5 years old. When he was younger he would come when called pretty much all the time, he will come still if we are indoors but im forced to keep him on a leash ...
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Do cats learn how to hunt from their mothers?

Do cats learn how to hunt from their mothers? Do orphaned cats not know how to hunt as well or at all?
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Is there a dog safe method for tanning animal hides? [closed]

I am getting back into hunting. Mainly as a way to more ethically source meat, my dogs love antlers too. I imagine they will love animal pelts/hides as well (which is my worry). I will be hunting elk ...
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How to handle pet cat's prey when they're injured

So I have a three year old male cat that I took in from a shelter. It wasn't long before he started bringing in mice, shrews, birds and once, a rabbit. I accept it's a part of their nature to do this ...
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Could my cat catch something from this oddly-acting mouse?

So this all started at one A.M., when I usually go down to get a cat to lay with me in bed. When I opened the door to let them in, I noticed that our oldest kitty had something in his mouth, so I went ...
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How to teach my cat to give death bite to rodents?

There are some rodents in my house recently. As usual my cat, Bhutu, is excited about it. But she prefers to play with the rodents. When the rodent freezes with fear she sniffs the rodent and then ...
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How can I make my cat less lethal? [duplicate]

I‌ get extremely annoyed when my cat comes back home with a beautiful dead bird (as it happened an hour ago). There is a flap door in our house so the cat is free to go out. We don't wish to confine ...
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Why doesn't my kitten hunt like others?

My kitten doesn't hunt at all. It just keeps lying lazily in the carton box and when it feels hungry, it meows and we feed her. Even when insects or rats go in front of it, she just looks at them and ...
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Do we really know if cats are "playing"?

So I have a new kitten (8 weeks). She's adorable as anything but she engages in a lot of "play" fighting (scratching, pawing, biting, pouncing, etc). It doesn't bother me at all ( I find it cute that ...
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How can I ask my cat to bring me something?

Last night my cat brought in a mouse right before I was going to sleep, and I tried to save it but failed. She killed the creature, and then gave it to me. It was really cute. I thought it was really ...
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Can killing a rabbit trigger a behavior change in my dog?

Dog is an English springer spaniel, male, 7 years old. I walk him in an overgrown park (dogs are allowed there), he is off the leash during our walks. Occasionally we see a wild rabbit or squirrel. ...
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Is not allowing your cat to hunt ok?

I have a cat who lives mainly indoors but we leave the window open during daylight for her to come and go as she pleases. She could be gone for an hour or two at a time. We have a little bell on her ...
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Is a one-eyed cat a less effective hunter?

Our neighbour's cat comes into our garden quite often. Unfortunately she suffered an injury to one eye leaving her blind in that eye. I have no problem with her coming into the garden, but I'd prefer ...
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How can I keep my cat from bringing mice into the house?

Our ~9 month old cat recently started bringing dead (or barely alive) mice into the house, and now we seem to find a mouse every day. She doesn't seem to be interested in playing with, or eating them,...
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Creepy: The cat left a half eaten rabbit in the garden [duplicate]

Creepy warning, this question is not for the light-hearted This morning I was making breakfast while I spotted our cat eating something in the garden. A better look showed he caught a rabbit. The ...
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Is it possible for a cat to run down a wild rabbit and kill it?

When I was a kid my mother's brother had a cat with rather odd body. It was strong and muscular in the front and had a very lean and longlegged rear. He told us kids that the cat can run down a wild ...
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How can I re-teach my cats to eat insects?

Two of my cats were avid insect hunters in our old apartment. We were near a farm, so we had lots of flies hanging outside our front door and our patio, and some would invariably get in during the ...
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