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Do pygmy hedgehog pee weird?

I just witnessed my male hedgehog pee and I'm equal parts confused and worried. He hid himself behind the running disk and next to a litter box. I moved the disk away to make more walking space, ...
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Can an MRI identify the reason why a pygmy hedgehog has a neurological problem?

I have a pygmy hedgehog which has a neurological problem with her legs. She cannot stand at all. She was running around my room on October 6th, and three days later she cannot even stand. Nothing is ...
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2 dog owners - one night owl, one early riser

My SO and I are adopting a 6-year-old (male) Parson Russell Terrier. We live in an apartment, and are buying one dog bed for the main living space, and one in my office (a small bedroom). In the main ...
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Hedgehogs eating the egg shells

I've seen some posts about hedgehogs eating eggs (both cooked and raw), but I introduced mine to a bit of an eggshell with some of the raw whites in it, and you know what: she wasn't interested in the ...
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My hedgehog won’t eat

So I’ve had my hedgehog for almost a year and he’s just stopped eating. If I hand feed him meal worms he will eat them but not his actual food. He’s started acting funny. He’s slower that usual and ...
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Is my hedgehog too agressive?

I recently obtained a female albino hedgehog from her previous owners. They weren't that fond of the hedgehog and didn't socialize her well during the ~8 months they had her (they got her at ~1-2 ...
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How can I get my hedgehog to be more interactive?

I've had my hedgehog for close to a year now and she's very sweet most of the time, but she doesn't really like to be very interactive. She will get up during the night and run on her wheel, eat, and ...
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4 answers

Will hedgehogs break and eat hen's eggs?

I've seen a hedgehog milling about during the day. It is November, the temperature has recently gone below freezing at night, and the hedgehog looked pretty small, say the size of a large potato. ...
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Hedgehog cold and lethargic, what to do?

I gave a neighbor kid a ride and she forgot her hedgehog and left it in my car. It was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit last night, and is now around 50. The hedgehog has been in the car, parked outside, ...
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How can I feed this baby hedgehog?

Two days ago, I found a baby hedgehog. He was very friendly and I have played with him. This morning, I have found him in a bad condition, half bent around / curled up. Can anybody please tell me how ...
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My hedgehog is almost completely immobile and won't eat, what can I do?

For the past few days, my hedgehog has been almost completely immobile. She was able to slowly wobble around a cage for a day, but now is only able to curl slightly (but not fully), and wiggle her ...
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