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Refers to heater appliances used by aquariums or terrariums.

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Does an underground tank need a heater?

I have dug out a 3ftx3ftx44ft (d/w/h) (0.9mx0.9mx13m) area for raising tilapia, and I will be adding a layer of 6mm plastic to hold the water. I want to know whether I will need to buy a heater for ...
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Do UVB halogen mini bulbs implicitly include UVA?

I have a 25 watt Zilla mini halogen bulb (day blue) on our new lizard terrarium. It claims to have UVB, but there are no claims of UVA. Can I assume assume UVA is included since it is a longer ...
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How do I fix BAD betta fin tearing?

I’ve had my betta for a month now and hes been PERFECT!! I just looked at him now and saw that his tail is SHREDDED!! I realized that he had been glaring at the filter in the back and KNEW that he’d ...
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How can I keep my 3 month old leopard gecko warm

I have a baby leopard gecko but my heat lamp just broke and I will have no money for a new one for about a week or two how can I keep her warm until then?? Is a floor vent heater okay? I’m panicking ...
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Is my gecko's lethargic behaviour due to a heating issue or something else?

I just got a 5 year-old leopard-gecko from a family friend and I don't think her enclosure is warm enough. It usually reads between 80-85°F and my house is normally around 72°F. I use both a heat pad ...
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Suitable heat source for young blood python

The goal: Design a habitat suitable for a hatchling/juvenile blood python. Main issue: Controlling temperature and humidity Progress so far: What I've got so far (all theoretical at this point) is ...
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My aquarium heaters don't appear to be working?

We had a power outage for 2 days from a storm, and since then my two aquarium heaters don't seem to be working( I know it takes a couple hours to warm up & the light only comes on and off when ...
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Heater problem in my 25 gallon tank

I have a 25 gallon tank last week I had bought a new heater with thermostat. It is 150 watts but the water seems not to be heating up. My Blue Line Shark has Ich so I raised the temperature to 32 ...
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Can I install 'HoundHeater' against plastic FRP Wall Board?

I have a question that is pet adjacent and I figured some of you on here might have one of these for your pet and know the answer. I just purchased an Akoma Hound Heater Deluxe from amazon. I'm ...
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How do I keep my leopard gecko cage warm?

I just got a leopard gecko at a reptile show and it is my first one. My room is only about 21 °C (70 °F) and is not warm enough for it. How can I make my room or the cage warmer?
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Iguana heating lights?

I just bought some light to use for my iguanas. Can i use this type of light for heating for the iguana (refer to the picture below): I'm not sure whether it produce enough heat or not, but i think ...
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Should juvenile bearded dragons have heat rocks?

I currently have 2 bearded dragons. One being a juvenile and the other being not much older than a baby. I have researched online about bearded dragons and heat rocks with many conflicting answers. ...
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Safe hot-rock for corn snake

Hot-rocks look like a great idea! I would love to warm the hide at night and the rock at day, so as to entice my corn snake out more. But everywhere over the Internet they are blasted as being ...
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How long can an aquarium remain without any filter and heating?

The filter and the heating of my aquarium do not work anymore. After trying to solve the problem, I've concluded that the only way to solve the problem is to buy a new filter and a new heating. Can my ...
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