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Why doesn't my cat seem to mind loud music despite stronger hearing?

I am effectively making a colloquial assumption that my cat's hearing is better than mine but... if this truly is the case, why doesn't my cat seem to mind loud music? Surprising noises that come out ...
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Why does my dog bark when I squeak a tennis ball?

My dog Rocky is a healthy 9 month old bull mastiff. For some reason, he has an old toy, which is a squeaky tennis ball. Originally, whenever I would squeeze it, he wouldn’t care much, but lately I’ve ...
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Can cats identifiy specific tones/frequencies?

I have a cat who lost her eyesight due to blood-pressure complications when she was about 6 years old (she is 8 now). She adapted very well to living without eyesight, to the point where it would ...
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Dog can Sense Thunder Seconds Before Heard?

I noticed that during a thunder storm, my male black lab/shepherd mix (~4 yrs) would bark around one second before thunder could be heard. He normally does this with suspicious thudding noises/...
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Hearing range of rabbits

Can rabbits hear infrasonic and ultrasonic sounds? My bunny lifts up his ears when I take a step.
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Do dogs interpret decibels the same as humans?

One of our dogs was very badly attacked a few months ago by another dog (thankfully she survived) and we have recently been looking at methods to deter anything like this happening again. One of the ...
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Frequency range of dog vocal sounds

The frequency range of human hearing is roughly 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while the frequency range in which speech sounds occur is roughly 250 Hz to 6 kHz. We know dogs hear in a much higher and broader ...
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Are dogs much less sensitive to high noise than humans?

I must admit (a bit shamefully) that I was not aware of the fact that volume is on a logarithmic scale and thus following sentence (source) surprised me: The back seats are closer to 87 dBA, which is ...
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What's the hearing range of Djungarian hamsters?

The closest I could find was the hearing range of mice, which is is 1-70 kHz. I'm curious for 2 reasons: To avoid possible sources of ultrasound that might startle the pet. To try recording their ...
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Should cats be given names which end with a vowel?

I have a veterinary book that states the name given to a cat should end with a vowel. The paragraph in which I read this is here: Naming your new pet should be fun and involve the entire family. ...
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What protects a dog's hearing?

My Weimaraner barks VERY loudly (146dB measured with a precision meter) What protects the dog's eardrums from this extreme noise? My human ears are stunned by this volume and would certainly be ...
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Are loud sounds/music more dangerous for a dog's hearing than a humans?

I have a pretty good stereo system at the house, and I like to listen to my music and movies at a loud volume, but one not particularly dangerous for humans: typically 80-90dB, possibly with peaks ...
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How is owning a deaf cat different from a cat who can hear?

Anyone own or used to own deaf cat? If so, what was it like? Was it lot of works compared to hearing cat? What kind of signs/signals you use to communicate deaf cat? Thank you for answering!
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Is it possible for a deaf kitten to sense growling/hissing from another cat?

I've recently adopted a deaf kitten (two days ago). She doesn't respond to any sounds, but she does respond to my senior non-deaf cat hissing and growling (I'm slowly introducing them). Is it ...
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What is a rabbit's field of vision, range and visual acuity?

I have a pet house rabbit, rabbit eyes are pretty much on the side of their head. They also have great big ears. What can a rabbit really see? How well can they see? Can they see 360 degrees?
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How can I help my hard of hearing dog hear better?

I have a white bull-dog (we once thought it was a boxer) that is pretty deaf. He can hear some high pitched things it seems, but when asleep he does not respond to yelling or other noises. Is there ...
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How can I teach my deaf puppy social graces?

We have a dachshund that is about a year old now. We found out at about 2 or 3 months that he was deaf stemming from him being double dapple. We have tried to socialize him as much as possible and ...
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How to test one deaf ear of a cat?

A dominant white cat with blue eyes is said to be at high risk of being deaf. (Here the "dominant" refers to the white color gene, not behaviour.) In case of a white cat with odd eyes, the ear on the ...
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