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A small, furry rodent kept as a pet; this tag works for the hamster and variants including the dwarf hamster.

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How to encourage a hamster to chew more?

I have had a few hamsters over the years, but the hamster that I have now seems to not chew on its chew toys. I know that hamsters need to chew on things to prevent their teeth from growing too long ...
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What's the hearing range of Djungarian hamsters?

The closest I could find was the hearing range of mice, which is is 1-70 kHz. I'm curious for 2 reasons: To avoid possible sources of ultrasound that might startle the pet. To try recording their ...
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Which type of hamster besides syrians are the least bitey?

I want to get some sort of small hamster (winter white, campbell's dwarf, robo, etc.) but I would like to know which kind is the least likely to be all nippy and such. I am not exactly sure which to ...
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How should I get rid of my hamsters?

A year and a half ago I bought a couple of Russian hamsters and large cage. My daughter had been pleading with me to get them for months. We had to buy two, because apparently they get very lonely ...
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