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For questions related to guppies - popular, polymorphic, live-bearing, tropical aquarium fish characterized by remarkably visible sexual dimorphism. Please include other tags relevant to the issue, such as [health] or [feeding].

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4 votes
3 answers

Is my guppy pregnant? How could I tell whether a guppy is pregnant?

I recently purchased a guppy and I feel that it's quite fatter and stomach is bulged compared to other fish. Is it pregnant? How could I tell whether a guppy female is pregnant or not?
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1 answer

Are my two female guppys pregnant [duplicate]

In my ten gallon I have two females and one male both females look like this one and if anyone could tell me about how long till birth that would be great
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3 answers

Does medicating an entire tank harm healthy fish?

I have a female guppy, that's been through a lot of stress over the past year. She's moved from my friend's overcrowded, unclear green algae tank to mine, has had babies 4 times, has had internal ...
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Aquarium size and startup recommendations for two guppies

I bought a 5 gallon fish tank. I have two guppies and my tank is well fitted with an air filter and heater to control temperature. I use only gravel for decorating my tank. Is it good or do I need ...
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