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Questions tagged [grooming]

Questions about keeping your pet clean and maintaining various parts of their body.

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How to get rid of fish oil stink on a dog?

I gave my dog a cap of fish oil and now he reeks of fish. I don't even have to go anywhere near his mouth to smell it. I can smell it from the end of the leash and while I sit on the couch and him on ...
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Why is my rabbit losing his whiskers and facial fur?

Since about November 2022 one of my two rabbits (neutered twins ~3.5yo, bonded since birth) has been losing his whiskers and facial fur. The other one is fine. It started with him losing his eyebrow ...
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Cat Chewing At Nails/Toes & Heavy Digging

My boyfriend's cat has had this issue for over a year and the vet cannot figure it out. (Hundreds of dollars wasted.) He won't stop grooming until he bleeds, ripping out fur and itching all around. ...
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Why is my dog's fur growing back so unevenly after shaving?

I have a pharaoh hound. I have had her for about a year now. During spring this year(I think it was in May or maybe early June) she was shaved. My dad shaved her in such a way that it looked like ...
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How to tell if a dog's fur is matted?

I have two tamaskan dogs. One is shorthaired, and the other, Lyra, has long fur like a malamute. I try to brush them out regularly, but she has a kind of wiry undercoat where each hair has a lot of ...
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Help! Rabbit has a circular bald spot. It's very red and has hardened

I was busy a couple days ago and and when I checked on him I found this. Is this from stress? Is this a wound from over grooming? The spot is dry, hard and red. It's circular and very distinct from ...
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Circular patch on dog's back; ruled out mange, ringworm, other fungal causes, hotspot

I'm fostering a 5 year old rat terrier and he has a flaky bald patch. This is an isolated patch; his skin and coat are otherwise healthy: no dandruff, fleas, mites, etc. He doesn't seem to notice it, ...
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Can expired cat shampoo still be use?

I am using this BioGance cat shampoo for my cat. However since I did not need to bathe my cat that frequently (usually once every 2-3 months depending if she needs a bath), I found that the shampoo to ...
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How to teach young cat to groom after using the litter box?

I recently (~14 days ago) adopted a young cat from a non-profit organization. He's a domestic short hair, about 8-9 months old, neutered and knows how to use the litter box - he found it right away ...
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Dog scratching another

I have 2 dogs and one has a tendency to scratch and then lick the other's back. Sometimes it will happen so much a cut appears and a scab afterward. Is this dangerous and how do I stop this behavior?
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Good quality food for Sphynx cat?

I have recently got a 4 year old Sphynx cat and I was looking for any recommendations for good quality food for him. I read that the food needs to be high in meat and preferably wet food so he gets a ...
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How to prevent my dog drool

My 6 year Beagle is almost perfect pet- he rarely barks, is very playful and fairly obedient All that goes for a toss when it is feeding time. He drools so much in anticipation of being fed, and ...
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Cat vomit, fur ball or polyp?

A few years ago at the vets I mentioned that my tortie Sandy had started wretching after drinking cold water, and that her purr had become slightly raspy. They said that she might have a polyp in her ...
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Why is my female cat over-licking lower abdominal raw?

Mini Moose, my female cat, is pregnant and is over-licking her lower abdominal area raw. Two years ago she had a stillborn baby. Her babies are alive in her, I can feel them moving around.
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