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Questions tagged [gps]

Global Positioning System (GPS) as used to track or locate pets.

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Looking for gps tracker for my dog

Looking for the gps tracker for my dog. Must be waterproof and should have the notification feature that alerts when my dog leaves or enters the home. Also would be good if it has a feature that ...
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3 answers

Are there any GPS tracker that doesn't require simcard?

In Indonesia, I have to register SIM card with government. I have 4 cats. I have no idea how should I have 4 sim cards. So I wonder if there is a GPS tracker without sim card?
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Besides collar where else can I put name tag on my cat?

One of my kitten is leaving me. I want to put either a name tag or a GPS tracker. However, I fear that a collar may get him "stuck" on some places or even killing him. I've heard that there is a ...
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Are cat tracker devices too heavy to put on a cat's collar?

I'm looking into tracker devices for my cat. Something that I can put on it's collar to help track it down if it gets lost. My cat weights about 5kg. The tracker weighs about 10g. Is this too heavy ...
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GPS tracker for pet location history?

I am curious if anyone has experience with GPS trackers for pet (cat in my case) location history. We're interested in knowing where she likes to wander, but not in locating her in realtime remotely. ...
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Are there alternatives to electric fences that use GPS instead of buried cables?

I have a friend that would like to allow their dog to roam a large, unfenced, yard during the day but an "invisible" electric fence would be too prohibitive for the terrain. Are there any ...
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