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Questions and issues regarding goldfish - one of the most popular aquarium fish. Use with other relevant tags, such as `feeding` or `health`

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Cooling a goldfish tank during summer

During the peak of last summer we had several goldfish that died after several days of hot weather and I suspect it was related. According to the Goldfish article on Wikipedia: Extremely high ...
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Is it true that goldfish growth is limited by container size?

As I grew up, I was taught that a goldfish will only grow to a certain point dependent upon the size of their container and how many fish are in the container; all the fish within the same container ...
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Goldfish unresponsive, what should I do?

I have a common goldfish that lives in a 20 gallon tank by herself with a filter and heater. Recently she has been showing signs of swim bladder disease because she wouldn’t swim properly. After ...
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What is this lump on my goldfishes head?

I just noticed today that my goldfish has a lump on his head that is white around the edge with a red centre. He is eating and behaving normally. He is nine years old and has never had any other ...
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How can I get rid of a goldfish

A few weeks ago my wife rescued a goldfish from a public fountain. We put it in a fishtank lended by our neighbors then we installed a filter and some decorations. The thing is that : after a few ...
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What is this tufty white spot on my goldfish's head?

I noticed today that my goldfish, Thunderbolt, has a tuft of white on its head. Note: Same fish. coloration difference due to camera flash I've had the fish in a 10 gallon tank by itself for ...
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Is my fish suffering from fin rot or is this just a sign of wear and tear?

I've had this goldfish for around 2 years now, and have no problems with it at all. I changed it over to a bigger tank (22 litre) around 3 to 4 months ago, and until now have had no issues. The tank ...
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Should I euthanize my goldfish who has been floating for a month?

I have had my Oranda goldfish for three years now and he/she/it has been floating at the top of the tank upside down for the past month. The tank is a 40 gallon with 2 aqua-tech 40 gallon filters. ...
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Could having fallen onto the floor have changed my goldfish's behavior?

I have a tank with three goldfish in it. Some weeks ago, I had to do a 100% water change and had to take the fishes out. While returning them to the tank, one of them, an Oranda, jumped off and hit ...
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Can goldfish be trained?

I've recently got a family of goldfish and I want to encourage them to be interactive. Can they be trained? Background: I have 3 comet goldfish. During the transition to their tank, I must have ...
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My goldfish started growing a flower-like thing on his head and it is now disturbing it during eating

My pet goldfish, Mentos, has a flower-like structure growing on his head. At first, we didn't take it as a big issue. Now, it started concerning us and the fish itself because it blocks him from ...
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Wound on the head of my goldfish

I had two gold fishes and a few days ago I noticed my other fish was sitting at the bottom of his tank and struggling to to get to the top (swimming to the top and automatically sinking down). I had ...
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Can goldfish eat sea lettuce?

I picked up some sea lettuce attached to stones from the local beach near where fresh water was entering the sea, and have washed off the salt water, and placed it into my fresh water tank. The leaves ...
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New tank issue makes me sad

I got a new 8 gallon (around 30 liters) fish tank on December 31st. And the same evening I put a 4 inch (10 cm) oranda and a 2 inch (5 cm) black moor in it. I totally forgot about cycling the tank. I ...
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