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Questions tagged [goats]

Relating to goats kept as pets, as opposed to livestock.

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What breed of goats make babbling noises and spits?

first video on YouTube. second video on YouTube Both of the above are babbling and spitting at people. Are they the same breeds? Are they north American breeds? What breed of goats are these? What ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How to efficiently move a goat?

Question This question is about a tame goat, which is not mine and over which I have no long-term control. The goat wears no sort of halter, but is completely bare. This goat somehow managed to get ...
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Are farm animals naturally patient with kid goats, or is it a trained behavior?

Youtube is awash with videos of young and adolescent goats climbing on things, including other farm animals. Obviously temperament will come with an individual animal, but the videos the creater the ...
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Goat just gave birth and I'm worried [closed]

My pygmy goat gave birth about 2 to 3 hours ago. She has passed her afterbirth but she is still having contractions and discharge again and she won't let us touch her because she has always been ...
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How can I tell when I need to trim my goat's hooves and how do I tell if I've trimmed them short enough?

How can I tell when I need to trim my goat's hooves? I trim them regularly but am not sure if I do it often enough or if I'm being over-zealous. Or maybe when I'm trimming them I don't trim them short ...
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Is it ok to feed my goat kitchen scraps?

We recently inherited an angora goat from a cousin, as she had to move and we have a largish yard (1 acre). We've been feeding her kitchen scraps, potato peelings, fruit and vegetable leftovers and ...
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