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Questions tagged [gerbil]

A small burrowing rodent that is specially adapted to living in arid conditions. Found in Africa and Asia.

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7 votes
2 answers

How do I get my gerbils to enjoy being held?

I got two female gerbils a few months ago, and I'm having trouble getting them used to being petted. They occasionally sit still while I stroke their backs, and if my hand is in the cage, they'll tend ...
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2 answers

My gerbil is scratching like crazy at the corners of his cage. Is that normal?

So, I just got two gerbils on the 16th. They have a four story cage with clear plastic in the front, and so far, everything seemed pretty normal. I put a sand bath in for them to bathe in, and then ...
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1 answer

Not holding gerbils really stressing me out

I cannot find any information on this anywhere so I am resorting to asking here. I have had my gerbils now for about a month and I have no desire to hold them, as I am naturally a flighty person and ...
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Can I leave my gerbils' sand bath in their cage all the time?

We adopted a pair of gerbils from our local shelter a few weeks ago. It's been 30+ years since I have had gerbils. Back then enrichment was not really common beyond some bedding to shred and tubes to ...
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Keep Gerbils Quiet

What is an appropriate way to keeping gerbils quiet? They make to much noise and I live in a small space I am not sure what to do. It keeps me from sleeping. Are there soundproof cages maybe?
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My gerbils don't know how water bottles work

I just got two gerbils yesterday, and they can't seem to use the water bottle. If I tap the end of the nozzle, they will come and drink all the water that drips onto the platform. Then they just sniff ...
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Baby gerbils dying while sleeping

This happened years ago, so no pictures. The story: We had a cage with a female gerbil and her babies. There was a coconut shell in the cage with about a fourth of it cut off,and all the the gerbils ...
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Will tortoises get along with gerbils if out of their cages at the same time?

Recently we were thinking of getting gerbils, and we already have a tortoise. We were wondering if the tortoise would mind the gerbils if they were both out of their cages at the same time, or vice ...
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