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Questions tagged [furniture]

Household furnishings, generally those you want a pet to go "down" from: tables, chairs, curtains, beds, couches, ramps, rugs, etc.

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3 answers

Sizing a cat door

We have a couple of 6 month old female Ragdolls, which I understand can grow quite large. I want to install a cat door between the entrance hall and bedroom, but I don't know how big it needs to be. ...
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What types of couch are resistant to damage from a cat?

My orange tabby cat, Cheeto, is almost six years old. Right now in my living room I have three Ikea armchairs which are a simple wooden frame and cushions covered with a blue denim-like fabric. When ...
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2 answers

What kind of cover do I need for a sectional to protect my furniture from my cat's claws?

We recently bought a sectional couch with a short chaise extension and back (picture included), and initially we were using a loveseat and sofa cover to protect the new furniture from our cat's claws (...
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Replace chair straw with cat-resistant material?

I have a rocking chair that looks like the picture below, but without the nice straw backing. Unfortunately, my cats literally destroyed the straw, so I would like to replace it with some material ...
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Want to buy sofa for living room. What to do about cats?

I want to buy a new sofa for our living room. After I buy it, I'm 100% sure my cats will also want to sit in the new sofa and sharpen their nails in the new sofa and ruin the new sofa. I've talked to ...
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My husband built a 98 gallon (370 L) fish tank. Is it normal for it to make a chirping noise?

My husband built his own fish tank via sealing it himself and building the frame. Should it make a chirping noise all of a sudden?
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Allowing puppy on couch

So, to start off, I have seen this question: Guarding couch which deals with a problem that occurred in the one incident, but it seemed more related to guarding than anything. Introduction So I am ...
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What are some ways to increase space for cats in a small house?

I have a fairly small house (OK, it's really small). Not an apartment, but still very small. I also have a cat, who loves exploring every bit of my small house. He loves the basement. The basement ...
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What is the right height & width for a cat's tunnel?

We're building a tunnel to allow our cat to enter / exit a master suit (bedroom + bathroom) when the door's closed. How should I think about the right size to allow the cat to go through the tunnel ...
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Ensure dog always has a clean backside

Doubt there's an answer for this but I really hope so. Basically, I've always thought it strange (but convenient) how when a dog sits on a carpet or furniture or something, he doesn't leave any ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to use a spray bottle as negative reinforcement?

I don't use a spray bottle in training our pets. I did use it in the 80's when I had the 2nd cat of my own, but it did not really work out so well. With the first cat I did not know about spray ...
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Need strategy to add an exterior ramp for my geriatric welsh collie

We have moved and need to accommodate our welsh collie's toilet and outside needs. At the moment we need to take him up and down some steps at both the front and rear of the house. He is 19 years old, ...
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How can I train my cat to not jump on the kitchen counters?

My cat jumps onto our kitchen counters frequently, sometimes causing major accidents. What is the best way to break that habit? Would I need one of those electric shocker things?
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What is the best angle for a dog ramp?

I am planning to build a dog ramp from the floor to the bed; I have small dachshunds who insist on being on the bed (older dogs, prior owners, and they keep us warm at night). Dachshunds are prone to ...
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How can we prevent our cats from scratching on our chair?

My wife recently had a chair reupholstered, after the cats had damaged it to the point it was looking really shabby. When she contacted the restoration company, she found out that the chair is ...
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