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Questions tagged [frogs]

Refers to all forms of the croaking amphibian which grows from a tadpole form to a full grown adult.

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Distilled water for misting my tree frog enclosure

Is it ok to use distilled water to mist my treefrog enclosure, but give it water with minerals in it for the water Bowl?
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Will my African Dwarf Frog die?

I have an African Dwarf frog in my fish tank right now, and an accident happened where I walked up too fast to the tank and scared her. She managed to jump out of a small hole in the top meant for the ...
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How much deviation (if any at all) is acceptable when housing amphibians?

Recently, I've been considering getting a Pacman frog, but have a question / concern regarding the the ideal temperature of the environment. Most resources I've read online specify that the ...
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What is the pink featus looking thing on my dwarfy's belly and the white spots on his legs?

What is the featus looking thing on my dwarfys belly? What are the qhite spots on its legs?
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Why aren’t my African dwarf frogs eating

Well I just got my two African dwarf frogs and neither of them have been eating and they have no shown any interest in eating what so ever
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