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For questions about rational and irrational fears that pets develop.

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My cat is afraid of me after bringing him to the vet

I tamed a rescue cat, took a long time. He became really loving and friendly after a few months and we became the best of friends. Yesterday I had to bring him to the vet because he had a cold for a ...
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Took in a feral cat, but she is hiding and not eating

I started to feed this feral cat, who would walk around my apartment building but I would only see her at night. She would wait for my boyfriend and I Outside our door,she would come inside and eat ...
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My cat is afraid of me and plays aggressively

I recently adopted a 1 and a half month old cat. He was very calm and friendly when I first brought him home and he would sleep on everyone's lap. So I took him to the vet to get him checked and make ...
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Suggestions to expedite a 7 week domestic kitten's tolerance of humans

I help in a private cat/kitten rescue (cleaning litter trays feeding etc) we had an orphan litter of 5 five week olds come in via a 3rd party. Day 0 or 1 they were all distrustful of us (owner and 2 ...
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Minimum age of cats, to be safely administered Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is prescribed by veterinarians for cats, for fear, anxiety, or stress (example: to be administered to a cat before a vet office visit, to reduce those symptoms in that situation). Is there ...
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Cat so spooked of me she attacks and stalks

That's my first post so be patient with me please:) My bf and I moved into a new flat with a couple we know for ages (their cat knows us very well and used to love sitting on my lap). The move ...
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Why some pets seem to be afraid of black objects?

I have noticed a somehow strange thing about several pets - they seem to be afraid of black objects, at least until get used to them: Cat - I have taken care of a friend's cat for about an year. ...
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