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Refers to the act of putting a pet "to sleep" (to death), likely due to old age and inability to function properly.

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My cat is fighting for his life with chronic calicivirus

My cat has been suffering from an ongoing calicivirus outbreak for the last 7 months. Anti-inflammatory pills don't help. He is barely surviving with cortisone which enables him to eat and maybe have ...
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How do I know if I should put my betta fish, with swim bladder disease, down? [duplicate]

I just got my betta fish a little over a month ago. When I first brought him home he was floating on his side at the top of his cup. At the time I didn’t realize that was a symptom of swim bladder ...
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Should I euthanize my fish?

For almost a year, my pet cichlid has been favoring laying on his right side at the bottom of the tank, but still swims around (clumsily) and eats. I do monthly water changes, I've used Pimafix and ...
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Should I euthanize my goldfish who has been floating for a month?

I have had my Oranda goldfish for three years now and he/she/it has been floating at the top of the tank upside down for the past month. The tank is a 40 gallon with 2 aqua-tech 40 gallon filters. ...
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How can I tell if my cat is in pain?

Because of several symptoms (tilted head, occasional bouts of coughing and infection around her eyes), I brought my 13 year old cat to the vet and was told that sadly she has cancer, untreatable. The ...
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Cat euthanasia. Kidneys shut down

My beautiful cat Kisses was with me for 10 years. She was probably 12ish. I found her outside when she was a young adult. On Monday she was diagnosed with renal disease. She had thrown up 20 times ...
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What factors should I use to decide when its time to euthanize my elderly cat with kidney disease?

I am stuck with a decision of life or euthanasia for my 18 year old cat. Should I leave her be or euthanize her now? My cat's kidneys are bad, but not shut down yet. My cat still drinks water and ...
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Was the vet right about euthanizing a kitten with Calicivirus?

I had been feeding a feral kitten for some time. A few days ago, I saw what looked like a gash next to its mouth, which darkened and didn't look like it was getting better a couple of days later. In ...
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What are my options for putting my own dog to sleep?

I have a 13 year old Shepard Terrier mix. Over the last four months, her health has been deteriorating. She has pretty significant gum disease that has undoubtedly affected other organs by now. Her ...
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Most humane way to emergency euthanize an injured cat?

I really hope I will never have to do this, but today something happened which made me think about it. I was pulling a jacket out of my backpack, and my big, heavy bicycle lock came with it. It fell ...
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Is this why it took 6 injections and 30 minutes to euthanize our cat?

Our cat suddenly got Feline Aortic Thromboembolism in the middle of the night and we rushed her to an emergency vet as it looked like she was in a lot of pain. At the vet she was given the heaviest ...
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Does the "cancer smell" in my dogs tumor indicate probable outcomes?

TL;DR I have a 10.5 year old dog, with a tumor that has been removed before, that just grew back. The tumor ruptured, and it smells absolutely terrible. Does the smell of the tumor imply anything ...
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What are the options for euthanasia in countries like India?

We have a number of questions about stray dogs in India, and it appears that Stray Dogs in India Are a Menace. In the United States, stray dogs are mostly captured, assessed, cared for in a humane ...
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What is the least painful way to kill a shrimp

I have read this question about how to euthanize a fish but I wonder what is the least painful way to kill shrimp? Since invertebrates are different than fish I wonder if there is another way.
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When do i know if it is time to put my dog down? [duplicate]

My dachshund Toby is going on 14 years this coming spring and well, he isn't a young puppy anymore. I am so afraid of him being in pain but at the same time he still seems happy. However, he has began ...
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Considering euthanasia for my aging dog

Background I have a 14 year old female mixed breed dog. Her normal weight in her days of youth and fitness was 40 pounds. She is hovering around 32 or 33 pounds currently. She has had what appears ...
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Should I euthanize my fish or wait it out?

I believe my fish, a white neon tetra, has swim bladder disease. He swims looking upward 95% of the time. I don't believe he can sleep due to this. He's been in this state for three days now. All of ...
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How do I euthanise crickets?

I have some excess feeder crickets that I no longer have a use for. What is the most humane way to get rid of them?
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What should I do if I encounter a mortally wounded cat or dog on the side of the road? [closed]

While riding my bicycle I encountered cats and dogs who were hit by cars, were barely alive, and were obviously beyond saving. They were just laying at the side of the road, and visibly suffering. I ...
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How can I tell whether my dog was euthanized in a painful fashion?

Last year, I took my 17-year old dog to be euthanized. My dog was severely arthritic and incontinent, fairly deaf, but otherwise in decent health. I decided to put it to sleep because I felt the dog's ...
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What's the least painful way to euthanize a fish?

My aquarium fish is sick and I don't know the least painful way of putting it down. How should I kill it so that it doesn't suffer?
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How long can we hold off euthanizing our cat?

Before you say something about being inhumane, please hear out our situation: My cat was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma about 2 months ago. The doctors could not say how much longer she would ...
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How can we make putting one of our two dogs to sleep easier on the remaining dog?

My parents have two dogs, both are quite old and ill. Chances are high that sooner or later the decision to put one of them to sleep has to be made. We want to make it as easy as possible for the ...
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