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can turtles be dressed like the ninja turtles

I am looking into getting 4 turtles and liek the idea of them having small coloured bands to represent which ninja turtle they are named after, not sure how I would do this and also not sure whether ...
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Can I dye my bird's feathers ethically and temporarily?

I have a standard grey pigeon that I rescued as a squab off the streets, and now I am starting free-flight training with him. I’m very worried that one day he will fly too far, and get lost. How will ...
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I’ve taken in a neglected cat; should I take the cat when I’m moving out in a month? [closed]

I’ve lived in a flat for almost 12 months now and I met this cat the day I viewed the property, since that day he has spent every day and night at mine, and we are so in love. The issue is that for a ...
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What should you do with kittens when the mother runs away from you?

I have recently bought a farm, and with it comes seven (yes, seven) cats that are already living on the farm. The original owner had been feeding them all, but never bothered to play or interact with ...
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How cruel is it to make your cat listen to other cats?

From time to time, to control how cats act, I use other cat sounds (I play these sounds using my phone). Female cats are attracted to crying kittens, whether they are spayed or not, while male cats ...
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What is the cleanest way I can pick up all of my dog's poop on grass?

This is somewhat of both a Lifehacks and a Pets question. My question is also short - but I think it's pretty self-explanatory. When my dog poops on grass (such as on my lawn or a park) I find it ...
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Should I free this turtle?

My neighbors have a turtle in a container. The animal is continuously stretching its neck as if it wants to climb outside of the container. I do not think the turtle should be kept in such a ...
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Ethics of allowing a munchkin cat to breed

My family has a 2 month old shorthair munchkin kitten. They want her to have 1 litter of kittens, after which they were planning to have her spayed. Since bringing her home, I have become aware that ...
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