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Emergency situations. Potential life and death situations. How we react in an emergency situation with our pets can make the difference between life and death. Use with the species tag e.g. dog.

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My friend's cat stopped eating

My friend's cat's birthday is April 21st, 2020. She’s drooling, not eating, growling at her food and losing weight. At first the vet said she has a respiratory infection, fever and ulcers in her ...
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Belly Lump with Black Liquid Inside on 9-week-old Pup

First post - sorry for bad quality. I need help fast while my girlfriend takes my pup to the emergency vet. My 9-week-old female Goldendoodle pup developed a lump this morning and it became ...
4 votes
2 answers

What should horse owners do if their property is threatened by bushfire and they are unable to evacuate their horses?

Our state is in a bushfire crisis. The worst in recorded history. Image courtesy of The problem with evacuating horses is there is literally not enough trucks ...
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Would it be considered inappropriate or even illegal to call 911 if I find my cat or dog in a critical state?

If I find my cat or dog in a critical state, when it's seemingly about to die, and I call 911 and tell them "dying cat" or "dying dog", is this correct/acceptable behaviour? Or would it be considered ...
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What should I do if my horse is bitten by a snake?

We've come through extended drought, followed by historically bad bush fires, then flood. It has caused many animals to seek refuge in places that were safe from the fires and flood. Subsequently ...