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Use in questions related to the process of laying/raising the young of egg-laying animals. It could be used together with [breeding] tag and should include other tags relevant to the question being asked.

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We picked up our cockatiels egg and we were about to candle it but we felt something hard rattling inside is it alive?

The egg was darker than others and we didn't candle it because we were too worried we might damage the egg further.
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What is this white foamy structure in my aquarium?

My aquarium (180 l) is inhabited by two Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, several Corydoras julii and some uninvited ranshorn snails. Today three of these structures appeared. They are white, around 1 cm wide ...
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Can eggs surgically removed from a pregnant platy fish still hatch?

My mom had a pregnant Mickey Mouse platy fish, but she just died today. We performed a little fishy c-section and got about 15 eggs out of her. Is there anything I can do to ensure they still hatch ...
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Terrapin laying eggs! Help!

So I adopted 2 terrapins 5 days ago. The female 'Babs' layed 2 eggs yesterday (1 crushed and 1 didn't). I've checked her over and she feels like there's another 4 eggs to be layed. I've set up a box ...
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Fragile, bumpy chicken eggs

We've got 4 chickens in the garden and 3 of them lay wonderful eggs. The 4th, a light Sussex, lays quite strange eggs. They're quite big but the shell is incredibly fragile and bumpy too. They're not ...
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Why is my Female Red Ear Slider laying eggs, and how do I stop it?

We’ve had our Female Red Ear Slider for about 10 years. She’s in a tank that holds 90 gallons currently. Originally, we had little pellet rocks at the bottom of the tank about 2 inches deep. She ...
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Hedgehogs eating the egg shells

I've seen some posts about hedgehogs eating eggs (both cooked and raw), but I introduced mine to a bit of an eggshell with some of the raw whites in it, and you know what: she wasn't interested in the ...
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What should I do with fertile eggs if I don't want chicks?

I have a cockatiel and just got her a partner as they told me it's better for her to have another cockatiel next to her if I cannot spend too much time with her. Eventually, they will probably mate ...
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How can I make my duck lay in the box

I have two ducks and a drake. Ten days ago, I found an egg on the ground, out of the hen house. Today, I found another one, somewhere else. Has the duck laid other eggs during this ten days? The run ...
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Snails eggs accident

I have some garden snails in a big dark container and I place some water for them in a little jar. Recently, one of them was laying eggs inside the water jar, so I took it off there (while it was ...
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Are these fish eggs..and if so what should I do with them?

Are these eggs and if so what should I do with them?
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Best way to interrupt a cockatiel's brooding

I am preparing for an international move with my cockatiel. The bird started brooding and laying eggs about two weeks before the travel date. It is a 5 year old bird and it is the first time this ...
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Red eared slider laying eggs into the water

6 months ago I rescued two red eared sliders that had been abandoned by their previous owner. A couple of weeks ago one of my new turtles started laying eggs. After doing some quick research I've ...
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Mystery Snail laid eggs in a terrible location-, hatchling health help

I recently put two of my mystery snails together (originally separated between 2 tanks). They spent almost an entire day together "piggy backing" each other. Woke up and feed my fish this morning and ...
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Female turtle unexpectedly laid eggs, what do I do now?

I have recently rescued a female Indian flapshell turtle. I kept it in my tank for few days. I found 9 eggs in my tank today. Can I expect babies from the eggs? How do I need to care for the eggs?
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Are eggs (raw or cooked) and bananas acceptable as treats/emergency meals for dogs?

When I run out of dog food my go-to is raw eggs/bananas because they're always in the house. Those are also my Pug's favorite food/treats. If I train her to do something new, or she's showing good ...
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How long will it take a Red Eared Slider to lay eggs once she is gravid?

My turtle (Red Eared Slider) is showing signs that it is time for her to lay eggs. She has been running around the tank for a few days and this morning she had dug herself a small hole in the upper ...
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Using cornflour to save a leaking egg

Somebody posted this picture of a leaking gecko egg on Facebook and asked for advice to save it. Leaking fertile egg :( laid 9.3.14. Any ideas to save it? People suggested sprinkling cornflour on it ...
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