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Is it normal for a duck to leave its eggs for long periods of time?

HELP! A female mallard duck left 12 eggs in my yard and has nurtured them for a few weeks. She has been gone for over a day now and the temperature is going below freezing tonight. High winds bring ...
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Preventing inbreeding in Muscovy duck flock

I have 4 adult muscovy ducks. A drake and hen each of blue and black. I have no idea of their lineage, so they may or may not be related, as they all came from the same flock. The black hen has a ...
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How do wild muscovy ducklings get in and out of an elevated nest?

In the wild, muscovy ducks prefer to nest in tree cavities 10-65 feet above ground. From observing my domesticated muscovys, the mothers do not feed the ducklings, but take them out grazing. I would ...
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