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1 answer

Introducing a deaf, almost completely blind elderly cat to our younger cats

The backstory here is someone moved and left their 18 year old, deaf and almost completely blind cat behind, which my in-laws took in, but since they are both old and fragile, they can't really care ...
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My betta is sinking, and we've tried everything. Looking for non-generic/mind-blowing advice

I have had this betta for about two years now, since he was a baby. A couple of months ago he started having trouble swimming. He would swim upwards, but could not stay there - instead, he would sink ...
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How to help a cat that has gone suddenly blind

Our cat recently had a cardiac arrest and, as a result of the brain damage, is totally blind (he may get it back, if not fully, partially). Two days later he is out of hospital and back at home. He ...
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Introducing a blind cat and a playful kitten

I am currently fostering Alex, a two year old cat who was left completely blind after a car accident about two months ago. He has only recently left the vet clinic but is already quite well adjusted ...
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How can I teach my 5 months old blind kitten to use the litter box properly?

My 5 months old blind kitten is a normal cat in most aspects but has a few blind-cat quirks. He instinctively knows how to use a litter box. More or less. Sometimes he does his business next to the ...
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Prevent small dog from eating crippled cat's food

I have a cat which was born with two bad back legs. Because of this, I'm not allowed to have the cat food high up without some kind of handicap system. My mother has a small chihuahua about the same ...
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How do I care for a quadriplegic rabbit?

In this related question I document the events that lead up to the quadriplegia in my rabbit. There are several potential causes with classifications like Head-down syndrome or Floppy rabbit syndrome ...
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9 votes
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How can I keep my pet dry if they wet the bed?

I have a geriatric bunny (11 years) who is having difficulties getting to in and out of the litter box, sometimes when he is not feeling well he will pee in his bed and it gets him all wet. Urine ...
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