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2 votes
1 answer

How do I stop my cat from digging at and sleeping in our flower box?

We have two indoor cats - a small Russian blue and a big Norwegian forest. They are both lovely cats and cause us very little issue. Until recently, when my wife decided to take up at-home indoor ...
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What is the best way to keep lawn alive with two big dogs?

I'm about to move into a brand new house with a brand new lawn and I have some concerns... First of all, I want to be able to leave my dogs outside when I go to work, but they will dig. (And I know ...
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6 answers

Why does my cat paw at my sheets?

Occasionally my cat will go from cuddling with me on my bed, to pawing at the sheets, like he is digging. At first it seemed to correlate with him discovering the option of crawling under my sheets so ...
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4 votes
2 answers

German shepherd puppy digs holes in our carpet

Can anybody tell me how to get our 7 month old purebred german shepherd female puppy to stop digging holes in our living room carpet? She actually has dug and shredded in several spots down to the ...
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Burying and growling [duplicate]

My dog just did something she had never done before. I gave her a treat, but instead of eating it she went outside and started to bury it near our tree. About two months ago she had puppies and even ...
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Prevent Husky from digging up prior dog's burial site

Backstory My ex-girlfriend asked me to buy her a Husky puppy back in January. The ex-girlfriend is back to living with her ex-husband and today apparently the dog started digging in the area of their ...
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Why did my dog suddenly begin this ritual of digging on her way back from a car ride?

Had my dog seven years and suddenly the day after having two teeth removed she begins this ritual where every time we come back to the house from a car trip she diverts from the normal direct path to ...
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12 votes
2 answers

My leopard gecko is digging. Does this mean she's gravid and trying to lay eggs?

Found this question on a leopard geckos group on Facebook. My new gecko keeps digging in her earth. As soon as I flatten and evenly spread it out she pushes it all back to the same spot and sits on ...
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My rabbit is digging at the carpet in the corner of the living room, what should I do?

Sometimes when my bunny is out running around the house she will go in the corner and dig at the carpet. I stomp and clap my hands while saying "No" sternly, and she stops but will often go back to ...
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