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Why would you treat a cat with a ball of ingested fur with Cola and xray contrast liquid?

I am referring to this (peer-reviewed) publication from Wilson et al. (2023) where the authors claimed to have used a mixture of 55 mL of Coca-Cola and 5 mL of iohexol for the treatment of a small ...
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36kg labrador ate a marble-sized piece of yeast dough – how dangerous is it?

I've been making pizza dough about an hour ago and a small piece dropped to the floor and my labrador of course ate it before I managed to clean it. The entire batch weighed almost 700 grams (1.5 ...
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My cat threw up once, should I be worried?

My cat threw up this morning what looked to be food he recently ate. He is 2 years old, perfectly healthy otherwise as far as I can tell, and hasn't had any other negative signs. Nonetheless, it is ...
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Should I be concerned if my dog swallowed a battery?

My dog may have swallowed the battery off his invisible fence collar. How concerned should I be? The battery is the flat, round type that is roughly the size of a quarter (button cell). Update: the ...
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Help guinea pig recover from bad impaction

So, my guinea pig has been acting very sick for 2 or 3 days, and today we noticed he had a huge impaction. We think he may have had it for a few weeks, but just noticed when he started acting very ...
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How to get kitten used to wet food (transition from BARF)?

TL;DR at bottom. I've been posting a lot lately, as I've gotten a new kitten. I'm told by the previous owner, that she is used to dry food and BARF, apparently. A week or so after bringing her home, I ...
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When to see vet? Snake digestion process stuck

I fed my 5 year old adult carpet python 2 weeks ago. He still has a large bump right in the middle of his midsection. He is last poop was around the same time he was fed. I plan to go to the vet in ...
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Why do my dog's ears feel warm?

My dog has been experiencing some digestive track issues and I noticed that her ears are warm to the touch. Does this indicate she may have a fever?
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Cat vomiting every day

My cat (approximately 16 years old, short hair, no specific breed, indoor cat) has been vomiting pretty much every day (sometimes multiple times) for almost a month. She had a scare with her kidneys ...
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How long does it take for a worm to die after a toad eats it?

Recently got a pet toad, and I am wondering at what point after feeding meal worms do the worms die? I noticed that they are definitely still squirmy when in his mouth and he swallows them whole. ...
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Is this normal for a pregnant guppy, is it a sign she is going to give birth soon?

My pregnant guppy is pooping yellow, then black, then yellow poo; is this normal? Is it a sign she is going to give birth soon?
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Odd poop, clear jelly like, with fresh blood and eating grass

My dog went out and ate a bunch of grass then immediately came in the house and pooped the undirected grass. It was encased in a clear jelly like substance with fresh blood mixed in. Earlier in the ...
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Old cat with declining digestion, wasting

I have an old cat with chronic digestive deficiency. I was treating the condition successfully by pancreatic enzyme therapy but that is having a diminishing effect over time and he is gradually ...
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Glycemic load for foods with respect to dogs

Have there ever been conducted tests on how fast dogs digest various foods? That is, to determine the glycemic load of various foods with respect to dogs?
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