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The demise of a beloved pet. Includes dealing with the remains of the pet, burial procedures and coping with the death of the pet.

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Have there been cases of cat owners in high rise apartments being legally required to install screen (safety nets) on windows?

Sure, cat owners should worry about their cats jumping out the window. I'm concerned with negligent/irresponsible cat owners. For example, what if I see my neighbor's cat everyday on an open window ...
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Is it normal for a dog to eat it's dead puppies when giving birth?

I was following the progress of a pregnant dog. When she gave birth the owner said two of the pups were born dead and she ate them. I'd never heard of this and a dog breeder told me this was normal. ...
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Snake died, unsure of the cause

I keep two baby carts in a twenty gallon task together, they are both female and have always gotten along just fine. I found them in their hide cuddling frequently,etc. I feed them both a pinkie every ...
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Why is my crested gecko is trying to burrow and eat soil?

A few months back my gecko lost his tail, as of recently his behavior has changed. He used to climb high up and stay there, now he is now on the ground and digging himself in the soil. He has even ...
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Blind disease in Hens

It's rainy season here. The hens and cocks are affected by a type of disease in the eyes. The eyes remain closed and swollen. The hens remain motionless and eventually die. It is spreading to other ...
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Why did my snake die suddenly?

My boyfriend and I had a ball python and we loved him very much. He was only a couple years old. He was perfectly fine last night, but in the morning he was limp and one of his sides turned grey. I ...
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My ratty baby sister died suddenly last night. Should I change the cage or leave it to help with grief?

So my female rat 2 1/2 yrs old suddenly died last night leaving her cagemate/sister alone, they have always been super close and cuddly with each other and I'm unsure how to handle letting her grieve. ...
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Guppy Fry High mortality rate

My guppy gave birth 4 times previously and each time I recorded the number of fry. The numbers of fry were: 13, 20, 8, 14. I actually witnessed the birth of the fry this time and noticed a lot of dead ...
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What happened to my betta fish?

I recently bought a platnium betta male who just passed. I had him in a tank with 2 mollies and a female betta, but they all seemed to get along perfectly. I do believe that I should've taken the ...
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