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The demise of a beloved pet. Includes dealing with the remains of the pet, burial procedures and coping with the death of the pet.

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Can bonded rabbits die of loneliness?

When rabbits are bonded they form a very strong relationship. When that bond is broken through physical separation or death of one the partner I have heard that they can die from loneliness. The ...
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How deep should I bury my pet (should I rebury)?

A little morbid, but my rabbit died last night, and since the ground in my yard was frozen I could only manage to a dig a foot deep. The rabbit is not wrapped in anything, and there is roughly 3-4" of ...
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Can a rabbit be scared to death?

I have heard several times about rabbits being kept in outdoor cages where, a dog or other predator barked and/or scratched at the cage. The person came out and found the rabbit(s) dead in a still ...
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Why are my Baby bunnies Dying?

I adopted two male rabbits from a friend of mine. (Her children were over them). I have had them all winter (In Wyoming) and they have been great. 3 weeks ago I found a baby bunny in the bottom of the ...
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What factors should I use to decide when its time to euthanize my elderly cat with kidney disease?

I am stuck with a decision of life or euthanasia for my 18 year old cat. Should I leave her be or euthanize her now? My cat's kidneys are bad, but not shut down yet. My cat still drinks water and ...
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What to do when my pet rat passes away?

My rat was euthanised today and I am unsure what to do to help her cagemates feel better about it. Can they even understand death? Will they grieve?
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How do I dispose of a dead pet?

My cat is getting old, and none of my pets are going to be around for the rest of my life. When they pass on, I think I will be too emotional to think about the logistics, so I'd like to figure out ...
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How long can poison stay in the cats body?

Minni. 05.12.2021 Minni, my favourite pet, who had given birth to adorable kitties few weeks back seemed to be lethargic when I checked her in the morning. Further more look at the backyard ...
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My cat is not eating or drinking anything after the death of the fellow cat

It's been three days since one of my kittens died. And since that day my other cat is not eating or drinking anything. I am afraid that he will get weak and ill. Please suggest to me what to do to ...
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Are there health risks to leaving a dead fish in the aquarium?

Sometimes one fish dies, without any apparent disease. In previous aquariums I would always remove them as fast as I could. Now my aquarium is a bit bigger, and I have some laziness to remove those ...
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How long can we hold off euthanizing our cat?

Before you say something about being inhumane, please hear out our situation: My cat was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma about 2 months ago. The doctors could not say how much longer she would ...
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17 votes
5 answers

How should I dispose of a dead fish's body?

One of my neighbor's fish coincidentally died during the time I was caring for them. I immediately removed it from the fish tank, but I didn't know what to do with it. Flushing a pet down the toilet ...
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Are fish able to understand when one will be dying soon?

I had a really old tetra fish, around 7 years old, who was getting weak. The other fish were helping him get food and were supporting him whenever he was swimming around. A few days later, the fish ...
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How to handle a disappearing hermit crab?

What should you do if you lose a hermit crab? I have a friend whose family put very large shells in for the crab to try, and it disappeared. That was a long time ago, so it's obviously dead, but what ...
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My corn snake died just after feeding. What are the possible causes?

I just fed my 2 corn snakes five live hoppers each about 5 hours ago. I like to leave them in their feeding boxes for a while to make sure they eat everything. I went back to put them back in their ...
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What should I consider when looking at pet cremation?

We have been talking about what to do when one of our pets die. We both find cremation to be a good final choice. I did some internet searching for pet cremation and find there are a lot of options ...
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My rabbit died yesterday not sure if its Heart Attack or maggots

My rabbit died yesterday and I had him for 5 years. I noticed the rabbit was full of poop (poop stuck to his bottom?). He had been attacked by flies and the vet removed the visible maggots. The rabbit ...
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