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Questions tagged [crickets]

Refers to chirping insects usually used as feed for larger pets, such as lizards and frogs.

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1 answer

The crickets I want to feed my gecko escaped, what to do?

So I bought "ca. 40 crickets medium size" and a cricket home (small box out of plastics). While moving the crickets from one box into the other, some braver than me escaped. Now I find them ...
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3 answers

My dog ate a cricket, is that bad?

My dog is a cross between labrador and retriever and I estimate he weighs around 40 kgs and he's 1 year and 9 months old. My dog loves chasing crickets, especially because they jump, and in end, he ...
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It's been 3 months and my crickets still won't breed, lay eggs, or chirp

I've been trying to breed crickets for 3 months, but my crickets won't breed, won't lay eggs and won't chirp. I have a bed of soil (that I moisten daily) covered with a secure screen to keep adults ...
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How can I provide supplements to an ocelot gecko who won't eat dusted crickets?

Our ocelot gecko had some problem with a dusted cricket when he was very young (he vomited it for some reason) and since then he won't even look at crickets that have been dusted with calcium and ...
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Is it safe to feed my pet lizard a molting cricket?

I have bought a number of feeder crickets, several of which are in stages of molting. Is it safe to feed a cricket mid-molting to a pet lizard? Should I discard the molted husk left behind, or is ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How do I euthanise crickets?

I have some excess feeder crickets that I no longer have a use for. What is the most humane way to get rid of them?
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2 answers

Will crickets lay barren eggs?

I have crickets that are laying eggs in a dirt bin. I've noticed tiny eggs that look like super small grains of semi-translucent rice. I'm curious, is it possible that a female cricket might lay ...
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How do I gut load a cricket

Someone told me that I should gut load my crickets before I feed them to my lizard. What is gut loading, why should I do it, and how do I gut load my feeder crickets?
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How do I keep my supply of feeder crickets from keeping me awake at night?

In college, I had a pet lizard that ate crickets. However, the dorm room was quite small, and keeping crickets on hand proved problematic, as their chirping at night was annoying, and interfered with ...
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